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I'm liking our new placeholder green logo with the white question mark :)

-1 from me for that ;)



I really appreciate when anybody does any attempts to design Funtoo-Logo and Themes. So I do with your efford. But I really have to admit Otakku and nrc in that these doesn't say "Funtoo" to me even in the slightest manner. 

But I really like your idea of "recycling" Larry and adopt it for something Funtooic, to underline the roots of it! What about the "original" Larry but with a party-hat on, a clown's collar and a paper-roll-whitle?

Would be nicer that the question-mark, at least ... ;)

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The fact that funtoo inverts (vertically) into tnufoo is something we could turn into a cool logo, one way or another. For starters, the euro symbol...




...already happens to be a nice f mirrored as a t, which not only captures the first mirrored letter of a funtoo-over-tnufoo image...it also spells out the first letters of fun and too. This gives us a potential logo or logo element that can actually be typed as a keyboard character. Another thing in there that has potential for branding coolness is the visual similarity of the ? to a G: when I've been playing around with funtoo-over-tnufoo images, the tnufoo has sometimes looked like gnufoo. And funtoo is basically gnu-fu.


In terms of color, yellow is a "fun" color that also happens to be the inverse of the gentoo purple that the old logo used. Separating the euro symbol into a yellow/purple top/bottom would distinguish it from the currency symbol, and also go some way towards symbolizing funtoo's being built on a gentoo portage foundation.


Or we could just spoof the Slackware Tux and do Larry smoking weed.

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It does not matter much, but how 'bout a hairdo? Tux with a hairdo or even better, the cow with a hairdo. Old school hairdo is a must. Back in the days, there were all around hairstyles like those screaming for party in the back but pretty much office in the front. An all party hairdo won't be that hard to imagine. And in a lesser way, it must represent the funniest hairdo drobbins had over the years.


One on top of the other, the ufo, znurt I guess they call it and the cow abduction scene in its all expended splendor resembles funtoo much more than a penguin. Sure, things could degenerate fast, Znurt with disco lights much? But if there is style and some iconic aura to it, the "fun" part should give a pretty much decent, "in its place" sensation. Decent? I had to add it.

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Here is my submission:





I also have an 80x80 of it as a suggested replacement for /usr/src/linux/drivers/video/logo/linux_logo_clut224.ppm:




Since I have proposed it as a kernel logo as well (like gentoo-sources), here's the one for hardened-sources:




Which is a miniature of this:





If I think of any other good ones, I'll do 'em and post 'em up too!

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Riccardo Messana (@morphmex), I liked this logo:



I vote for this one too. But we need a cool color. Black is too plain and purple is too gentoo. My favorite color is cyan so I vote for that. I also like the plain black logo that dduffield posted, but again we need to add some color to it. I vote for a single color.

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@Deklan do you have that as svg?

I re-vectorized the original funtoo logo to make some wallpapers and a 3d model and posted the svg and other editable files(3d) with that logo some time ago in this tread:


look at the bottom in the post, there's a URL to a tar.xz in dropbox.

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  • Funtoo Linux Developer

Whatever the logo I think it is important it can be "iconified" (ie. recognizable in a small square). I don't think we can shrink or crop any of the suggested logo so that when you see it in an icon you can say "Yeah this is the same, this is funtoo".


I also think that before trying to design a logo, we should find the values we want to highlight and instill through the logo. To me, funtoo is kind of a gentoo (the fastest penguin) but with fun too. So theses are the values I would highlight


  • fun and flexible (in contrast to straight): curves rather than straitght lines and angles
  • light and fast (gentoo): colors that evoke something fresh or smooth

I imagine a penguin sliding very fast on the belly or on skis. I think roughly the shape of the left penguin on the following picture would make a perfect logo.


To me, this is funtoo.

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Instead of Serge, let's go with Cob (or Cud, or Cid), so while Gentoo's "Larry the Cow" has the name start with L and the noun start as C, we'll use "Cob the Llama" having the name start with C and the noun start with L.  The 3 and 5 letter word lengths would be preserved, but switched between noun and subject.

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