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  1. I created an Funtoo wallpaper, also using the funtoo logo made by j-g-. http://i.imgur.com/3tLhrSe.jpg
  2. Looks like tibetan stuff to me. Maybe instead of a cow using a tibetan Yak ;) would reasamble larry the cow and GNU haha
  3. Also i3 here :-) http://i.imgur.com/RsUj28b.jpg
  4. Hi, Okay first I have to say: - I have not tried to install it on the macbook yet. - I have read the Gentoo/Arch/Ubuntu wikis and Forum posts about installing Linux on the macbook. I wanted to ask: Did somebody already try to install Funtoo/Gentoo on the Macbook Pro Retina 2012 edition? Any troubles? And why is it so different to install it on the Macbook than other laptops? One reason seems to be the non-standard UEFI implementation. But using refind will solve this, yes? Another was at the beginning the high-resolution display, but I think this is also already solved, correct?
  5. Hi, I was working on a Debian machine some days ago. There I had to use grub2-mkconfig to let Grub scan for OSs installed and create a config file. It seems like this is normal Grub behaviour and not an addon from the Debian guys. Back on funtoo I was checking out "grub-mkconfig". However it just created a comment, and not a working grub conf. I know in funtoo we use boot-update. But I wondered why the "normal grub" behaviour does not work, even seems to be disabled. peace jubalh
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