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  1. nrc

    Funtoo 1.3 - Kit Snapshots

    It's quiet.... Too quiet. There was some comment about this in Jira as well: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-6219 I think it will be a good thing as long as the schedule can remain at least quarterly and upgrades are reasonably painless. I'm thinking/hoping that 1.2/1.3 were the exceptions because they represented some substantial changes in the underpinnings. Rolling releases are a mixed blessing. We're all trained to pull the lever to get the next food pellet. Most of the time it's nothing useful and sometimes it creates a lot of pain by breaking things. If we can keep things fresh and avoid the breakage while freeing up the development team to create more cool Funtoo stuff then I think it will be a win.
  2. I think I'm past this. Identified texinfo as the package with the MiscXS library and it does have a perl module attached. Did an `emerge --nodeps texinfo` to update that and now I'm rolling again. Not sure why perl-cleaner didn't catch that. Sometimes solutions just require a little sleep.
  3. Upgrading to 1.3. When running `emerge -auDN @system --ignore-world` I get a failure building automake. MiscXS.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got handshake key 0xd600000, needed 0xd880000) make: *** [Makefile:2518: doc/automake.info] Error 1 * ERROR: sys-devel/automake-1.15.1-r2::core-kit failed (install phase): * emake failed I may have screwed things up. I originally got through this step and then had to aggressively clean up packages to clear conflicts in the world build. Eventually I got this same error building gpm. So I went back and ran perl-cleaner with --reallyall and now I get the error on automake in the @system build. build.log emerge.pkg emerge.info
  4. I'm just glad that we have this awesome distro to avoid all that garbage. Thanks to everyone who contributes!
  5. I saw the announcement about xfce 4.13-release kit availability but when I do "ego kit list" I only see 4.12-prime as available. Shouldn't that command list all available kits? Just trying to make sure that I understand the feature correctly.
  6. nrc

    LightDM will not start XFCE

    Your log says "Greeter requests session Xsession". It should say "Greeter requests session xfce". If you have the session type indicator on your greeter screen then be sure that you have xfce selected. If not then you probably need to adjust your lightdm settings to enable the session indicator or set the default session to xfce.
  7. nrc

    20 GiB of free space?

    If space is a problem you can work around this by redirecting your portage temp directory to a larger partition by adding this to your make.conf file. PORTAGE_TMPDIR="/somelargerfilesystem"
  8. nrc

    Forum search broken?

    Excellent! Thanks.
  9. nrc

    python woes

    Assuming that you've updated your tree as per above you may need to apply --nodeps to get ego up to a serviceable version. Then run 'epro update' and 'ego sync'.
  10. nrc

    Aboui new portage with "kits".

    Think the transition has been more difficult and piecemeal than would be ideal. I think once the transition is complete and all the tools are in place Funtoo has the potential to be a much better distro for the average user than it has been. Kits have the potential to reduce the number of breaking changes that get through to users.
  11. nrc

    post-kits update profile problems

    That's current. I agree, it sounds like you may have skipped a step somewhere. Post the output of "emerge --info app-admin/ego"
  12. nrc

    manual updates required

    Then you need start by switching to meta-repo. https://github.com/funtoo/meta-repo
  13. nrc

    post-kits update profile problems

    What version of ego do you have installed?
  14. nrc

    Changes in Funtoo

    I'm happy with where these changes are going now that I (think I) understand it better but I agree that it could have been better communicated and managed to create less impact. Ideally they would have maintained the existing system and offered access to meta-repo in alpha, beta, rc, and release versions. Unfortunately I think their path was probably necessary due to having such a small team. Maintaining the existing flow of changes from upstream while transforming so much on the back end was probably not practical. On the communication front, I agree that it's a bit much to expect people to go check the web page or forum every time they're doing an update. It would be nice if one of the command line tools could pull a feed and at least present a link to any news updates.
  15. nrc

    New Install - broken builds and blocked install

    I have ego-1.1.3-r5 and I'm still getting this. # equery l ego * Searching for ego ... [IP-] [ ] app-admin/ego-1.1.3-r5:0 # epro === Enabled Profiles: === arch: x86-64bit build: current subarch: intel64-nehalem flavor: server mix-ins: vmware-guest === Python kit: === branch: 3.4-prime === All inherited flavors from server flavor: === core (from server flavor) minimal (from core flavor) # ego sync Performing fetch... Already up-to-date. Updating permissions... # emerge -auvDN @world These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies | !!! Problem resolving dependencies for dev-vcs/git from @system ... done! !!! The ebuild selected to satisfy "dev-vcs/git" has unmet requirements. - dev-vcs/git-2.11.1-r1::core-kit USE="blksha1 curl gpg iconv nls pcre perl python threads webdav -cgi -cvs -doc -emacs -gnome-keyring -gtk -highlight -libressl -mediawiki -mediawiki-experimental (-ppcsha1) -subversion -test -tk -xinetd" LINGUAS="-bg -ca -de -fr -is -it -ko -pt_PT -ru -sv -vi -zh_CN" PYTHON_TARGETS="-python2_7" The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied: python? ( python_targets_python2_7 ) The above constraints are a subset of the following complete expression: cgi? ( perl ) cvs? ( perl ) mediawiki? ( perl ) mediawiki-experimental? ( mediawiki ) subversion? ( perl ) webdav? ( curl ) gtk? ( python ) python? ( python_targets_python2_7 ) (dependency required by "@system" [set]) (dependency required by "@world" [argument])