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  1. Hey, That warning is expected. Your layman has funtoo-kde-overlay properly installed. I didn't add this to the layman repository list because I wanted people to be aware that this repository isn't meant to be used by anyone with layman access. This repository specifically bypasses the Q/A barrier that the Funtoo developers set up to gain beta access to KDE releases. This is potentially an unstable setup. The repository updates are automated and come with almost zero Q/A checks, so it's possible that it may break your setup at any time. (Some Funtoo developers aren't super excited t
  2. Use --tree to see a detailed dependency printout. That might help you understand where these came from.
  3. It's always been a real pain to remember which ones to enable. This is a great help.
  4. Can you add --tree to the end of your command and post the full output?
  5. I got the same. You should be fine.
  6. Works perfectly! Thanks a lot! :)
  7. Did you run env-update and source /etc/profile after chroot?
  8. Any possibility we could get Tapatalk for this forum? I've been digging into that app and enjoying it quite a bit. It'd be nice to use it for this forum, if it's not a great inconvenience to set up.
  9. I use multilib for Steam, Skype, Wine, and some others as well that I can't name off the top of my head just now. Those emul ebuilds continue to be incredibly useful. I would be open to trying a multilib experiment if we found one.
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