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  1. I did not use dash or the openrc parallel boot option although I have used the later in the past. It only speeds it up by about 1-2 seconds but there is a noticible differnece in how long it takes gdm to finish setting up from the point when the screen goes black to when you can actually log in. It may have soemthing to do with gnome trying to force systemd. I think that it is because openrc is emulating systemd and that causes a performance slowdown. Off Topic: Not to start a flame war but everyone tells me that binary distros are better than source based distros which always bugged me be
  2. Thats good for you. I don't want a flame debate either, I just wanted to post this in case it helps someone else.
  3. OK I have systemd working on funtoo. The biggest difference is not only the boot time but also the time GDM takes to load. GDM loads almost instantly now, before with openrc GDM took about 5 seconds to load. I don't seem to have any other major problems. Tutorial coming soon. OK here it is... How to use systemd in funtoo: Go to gpo.zugaina.org and get the latest versions of the following pacakages from gentoo's version of portage virtual/libudev virtual/libgudev virtual/udev sys-apps/util-linux Next add the following to USE= in /etc/portage/make.conf systemd gudev -static-libs r
  4. Well I'm currently working on installing systemd. It is kind of a pain as funtoo has removed support for it from some ebuilds. I just grabbed the offending ebuilds from the gentoo portage tree. I will write up a short tutorial of my steps when I'm done if everything works out. It is sad that gnome and everyone else is forcing systemd but it looks like they are winning and if you want the latest and greatest you have to use it or wait for the devs to patch it to work with openrc. I love funtoo but I also love bleeding edge. I would hate to have to leave funtoo just because I can't use systemd w
  5. Will funtoo ever support systemd? I know that everyone hates it but I think that we should at least support it along side openrc. Personally I like openrc better too but I wanted to try out systemd to see if it fixes some of the bugs with gnome 3.14 and to see just how fast I can get my computer to boot. Also correct me if I'm wrong but it is needed for wayland too, right? If not is there a funtoo tutorial on how to switch to wayland?
  6. A quick workaround is the following but if you read they are eventually removing metacity so they should remove the dependency upstream. I can confirm that this is a bug. echo "=x11-wm/metacity-3.14.1" >> /etc/portage/package.unmask
  7. I have posted a bug with a screenshot of the wallpaper issue. https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-1721
  8. I am having an issue with my desktop getting distorted when coming back from the lock screen. Also I have had the lock screen appear the same way. Also nautilus won't open unless I click on the home folder on the desktop. Running nautilus from the terminal or the menu does not work. I fixed the nautilus issue by disabling desktop icons in gnome tweak tool and then reenableing them. I will test the lockscreen issue now. The lockscreen and the desktop wallpaper both get distorted after a system pause... press alt than then click where the lock button was.
  9. Yeah I just noticed that... did you notice that there is now a cinnamon profile in funtoo? How long has that been there?
  10. Yes I am using gnome 3.12 with webkit-gtk 2.4.4. Also where did you find 3.14.1 for funtoo? Are you using systemd? Nevermind... I just realized that it is in the tree just masked.
  11. Good to see that my bug report helped someone. I don't know why they can't just update the ebuild with something along the lines of if nvidia then eselect opengl set xorg-x11 && after everything is done eselect opengl set nvidia else obviously this is sudo code but they do what is depicted when updating nvidia drivers with the nvidia-drivers ebuild so maybe the community could adapt that.
  12. Yeah they always have an overlay that is up to date. But I am no ebuild writer and have no idea what patches were added to make OpenRC work instead of systemd. We just need a funtoo-gnome overlay instead of a gentoo-gnome overlay. Anyone up to the chanllenge?
  13. I vote for this one too. But we need a cool color. Black is too plain and purple is too gentoo. My favorite color is cyan so I vote for that. I also like the plain black logo that dduffield posted, but again we need to add some color to it. I vote for a single color.
  14. any idea when gnome 3.14 is going to be in the portage tree for funtoo?
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