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  1. You need install the nvidia legacy driver
  2. AdiosKid

    HP M29w help

    Take a look on discord group https://discord.gg/BNUSpUU
  3. you need control the repo priority, to not reinstall the whole system.
  4. Hi, do you can use layman to add an overlay.
  5. or try the Bentoo they comes with kde and others packages more update https://bentoo.info/
  6. I'm sending the PR to funtoo, but until be on official repo, do you can use my overlay https://github.com/adioskid/kde-kit-beta
  7. The latest updated of Plasma is been ported to funtoo, but is not ready yet
  8. The souced packages still there, just need more maintenance.
  9. Do you can use the 'Metro' => https://www.funtoo.org/Metro
  10. For default funtoo not use the latest packages of all, but you can use a overlay to install them. you can use overlay, but is nore recommended use gentoo repo as overlay. what do you mean split packages? no, is a different number
  11. Update the portage and mark as 'SOLVED' ego sync https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-7308
  12. There's no 32bits iso livecd. but you can use the stage3 loading from another livecd.
  13. Please, join on telegram group is more faster to help you. https://t.me/joinchat/DG0l5Rez0MRt4p2GHnNohQ
  14. Nvidia Driver 390*. which is your video card?
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