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  1. I've just finished tweaking GNOME so that it will build in next-release with gcc-11 under Funtoo. If for some reason you encounter an issue, file a bug. Enjoy 🙂
  2. I would ask that you open bugs for any missing packages that were in nokit but are now missing in next-release. We are trying to get rid of nokit and move anything we want to maintain to the other kits. This is part of our "beard trimming" initiative.
  3. As per the title, all our stages have been updated for all subarches, with dates 2021-09-19 through 2021-09-20. Enjoy. Download them here: https://www.funtoo.org/Subarches
  4. Please note that there were a few issues with the initial PR (some missing files and stale Manifests.) I just completed doing a CI run to identify and fix all these issues so everything should to be ready to merge now.
  5. @zoggalso, I should say that I do appreciate you connecting and communicating your thoughts. For someone who is not as involved, perception is the reality. So I will look at what I can do to improve this, and welcome your involvement as well to try to address these things. For roadmap, a lot of this has come down to LACK OF TRUST. On freenode, I had people actually doing 'silent forks' of Funtoo and ripping off my ideas. I have had people who I have told about future plans start to try to do them -- but leave me out! So many people are trying to 'make a splash' in software, and are not ne
  6. @zogg do not take my rantings personally... it is not a response to you.... more like some sadness regarding open source in 2021 and some unpleasant attitudes, which you have stumbled into by accident, and these attitudes tend to 'trigger' me due to chronic irritation regarding some of these issues you have touched on. I do think of course your opinions are valid, if maybe not accurate, but as an 'outsider' I will factor them into account and see what we can do to communicate better. In the mean time, I encourage you to get involved and try to submit a PR for something you care about, and
  7. Also, frankly, I think that distros are now treated as commodities where somehow it is expected that we are supposed to 'prove to users' that they should use us instead of some other distro. Really, this is the attitude these days. And I don't really like this attitude. Asking for a roadmap is a perfect example of this attitude -- it asks very much of Funtoo, while offering very little -- nothing, really -- of personal opinion of what the individual is actually wanting. Like we should just wave our hands and promise random impressive things because we are trying to win your loyalty. If you loo
  8. @zoggI think you are not looking in the right places to see the activity. The obvious place to look is code.funtoo.org and the bug tracker, not forums. The forums are not a 'central' part of the work. This is why, I think, your comments were taken as trolling. Instead of drawing conclusions that maybe Funtoo is dead (which no project wants to hear) and that we should provide a way to migrate to Gentoo (which is somewhat offensive to many), maybe it would have been better to ask "am I looking in the right places". Requesting a roadmap is maybe a lazy person's way -- putting the burden on us --
  9. Just a note that KDE Plasma has been updated to 5.22 thanks to a PR from @r0b. Thanks, @r0b!
  10. I try to do a little every day. For example, the new 'next' release, which has been in planning for over a year, is now live and ready for contributions... This will be of interest to @zogg and others who want to be part of updating Funtoo without breaking stuff for 1.4-release users. See:
  11. Oops, I forgot to tell you how to set up next-release. You have two options. One is to use the stage3 to install a new next system. The other option is to convert an existing system to next-release. To convert a system to next-release: Do a world update on your system and specifically ensure you have the latest portage and ego installed. Add "release = next" to the "[global]" section of /etc/ego.conf Run "ego sync" Then run "epro build next". Now you are ready to do another world update to get gcc, binutils and other updates. PLEASE NOTE: When you do t
  12. Hi All, I wanted to let everyone know about "next" release -- which is the new release of Funtoo that is intended to receive regular updates to all the latest packages. Currently, a generic_64 build of next-release is available here: https://build.funtoo.org/next/x86-64bit/generic_64/ 'next' release currently includes gcc-11.2.0 and an updated unified binutils (binutils and binutils-libs have been combined, and binutils-config has been removed.) It also has a small handful of updated packages. Our intention is to gradually add more and more auto-generated ebuilds to 'n
  13. @zogg I will answer you. "From recent activity it seems like funtoo development (except autogenerated updates mostly) is getting to mostly none, including activity even in on this forum." This is an interesting and funny perspective, because it's actually just the opposite. Funtoo is more active than it has ever been, and we are starting to collaborate with Sabayon on next-gen projects, and we have been growing our Funtoo dev team too. One thing to realize is that Gentoo has 200+ developers and Funtoo up until recently has had maybe 2-3 developers at most active at a time, but o
  14. Just to let everyone know, MATE stage3's are now available for download, alongside our GNOME and Cinnamon stage3's. Also, we recently merged in a PR from nyacoder which updated Enlightenment to the current upstream version. Enjoy!
  15. Recent updates to the Portage tree will cause Portage to want to rebuild nearly everything on Funtoo systems. When you experience this after a world update, there is a way to avoid rebuilding everything. To work around this, run the following script as root: #!/usr/bin/python3 import os bad_flags = {"abi_riscv_lp64", "abi_riscv_lp64d"} for dp, dn, fn in os.walk("/var/db/pkg"): for targ_fn in [ "IUSE", "IUSE_EFFECTIVE" ]: if targ_fn not in fn: continue usep = os.path.join(dp, targ_fn) with open(usep, "r") as usef: old_dat = usef.read()
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