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  1. Nice, thanks for the review! 🙂
  2. drobbins

    Funtoo slow in my netbook :(

    My first guess would be slow video drivers. You need to be more specific though -- what part of the system is "slow"? Video? Disk? CPU? I know it may seem slow overall but you need to be specific if you want some assistance 🙂
  3. drobbins

    Searching sponsored vps for building iso images

    Yes, the more people who use our tools, find bugs, report bugs, report fixes -- the better they get 🙂 Send me a private email at support@funtoo.org with the hostname you want -- something.host.funtoo.org -- along with a public ssh key for the root login, and I will get this set up in the next day or so.
  4. drobbins

    Searching sponsored vps for building iso images

    I have the issues resolved. I can't make your project 'official' -- it will be your own project, but I support your work. And please submit fixes and improvements upstream to funtoo. Do we have a deal? 🙂
  5. drobbins

    Dealing with multilib removal

    Our GPU-accelerated container solution should work for people in both these cases. We're currently working on it.
  6. Everyone, Funtoo Linux 1.3 is now officially released. Check out a detailed description of all the changes here: https://www.funtoo.org/Release_Notes/1.3-release Best, Daniel
  7. drobbins

    Searching sponsored vps for building iso images

    I can provide a container in a few days when I resolve some issues with our new datacenter.
  8. drobbins

    Long time After login

    Awesome, glad to hear. That's one of the reasons why it's good to have a standard configuration that we test -- if there is a problem, you just gradually move more and more towards 'standard' (our standard kernel, etc.) and eventually find the solution -- as you did.
  9. drobbins

    Long time After login

    Make sure you are using 1.3-release, have enabled gnome as well as kde-plasma mix-ins and updated all your packages. KDE plasma starts after a few seconds delay here, but not a "long time" as you describe. Also check your logs and Xorg log for anything unusual. Make sure elogind has been added to the boot runlevel and started.
  10. drobbins

    Dealing with multilib removal

    First, definitely try running stuff, and report any 32-bit issues on the Funtoo bug tracker. We're working on documenting various ways to work around various strange apps but need some bugs reported first. Also, post specifics here of issues you are encountering and we'll help you out. There are a number of approaches including chroot as you mentioned, as well as containers, and we would rather put our effort towards containers/docker solutions than continue to support legacy 32-bit multilib stuff. We want to move forward with a 'multiple roots' concept rather than treating a system as a single root. Best, Daniel
  11. drobbins

    Insert Data Into Text File

    We actually have funtoo articles on how to use awk that I originally wrote for IBM developerWorks. They cover this. It's a three-part series starting here: https://www.funtoo.org/Awk_by_Example,_Part_1 Enjoy, Daniel
  12. drobbins

    Ego 1.3 core -> desktop fail

    Yep, I have. GNOME 3.30 merges fine as does KDE Plasma. It will go smoothly. And yep, it was uploaded then.
  13. drobbins

    Ego 1.3 core -> desktop fail

    If you want to install 1.3, use a more recent stage3 -- like 2018-12-12 for Haswell has been available since about 12-12 (look in "1.3-release-std"). If your stage3 has 32-bit libs, it is too old. You should have done a full-stop at that point and grabbed a newer one. Also follow instructions here: https://www.funtoo.org/Upgrade_Instructions/1.3-release Uh -- edit. If you are using a NEW 1.3 stage3 as I suggested, you shouldn't need any upgrade steps. Just follow our install docs! 🙂
  14. drobbins


    It was something we added when merging profiles. x86-64bit-papa shouldn't be used by anyone.
  15. drobbins

    Testing 1.3

    Glad to hear @mantas -- we hope to get 1.3 released officially in another week. Still a lot of issues to fix which you'll get automatically via updates.