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  1. Outdated Desktop Environments

    We need maintainers for non-GNOME desktop environments who will help us test and maintain kits. Please let me know if you are interested in doing this. The primary reason the DE's are out-of-date is because we need some people to volunteer to maintain the DE's and apply funtoo-style testing to them. We don't want to just track Gentoo's changes since we then have no process to ensure things are working as things get updated.
  2. Many things to test

    The following ebuilds are available for testing by end users and are currently keyword-masked. Add the following to your package.accept_keywords to test: =sys-apps/portage-2.3.47 ** =sys-devel/gcc-7.3.1-r3 ** =sys-apps/corenetwork-1.6.4 ** =x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel-2.99.917_p20180609 ** Here is a quick review of changes in the above packages. Portage is a new version from Gentoo, which has passed all unit tests. Gcc-7.3.1-r3 is a much-improved ebuild from @Temptorsent which now enables SSP by default for improved security. Corenetwork-1.6.4 has some bug fixes that have accumulated in git, and the new xf86-video-intel is the latest from git and needs testing, particularly on newer intel hardware like Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake refresh -- and it always seems like google chrome has rendering issues, so be sure to test Chrome with this driver. Please test these things and report back your experiences.
  3. Hey everyone, A large number of home routers are vulnerable to malware and can be used to scrape your passwords and other important data. Please take a look at https://blog.talosintelligence.com/2018/06/vpnfilter-update.html -- specifically the "Known affected devices" part -- and see if your router has an exploitable security hole. Affected devices listed below.... Given our observations with this threat, we assess that this list may still be incomplete and other devices may be affected. ASUS DEVICES: RT-AC66U (new) RT-N10 (new) RT-N10E (new) RT-N10U (new) RT-N56U (new) RT-N66U (new) D-LINK DEVICES: DES-1210-08P (new) DIR-300 (new) DIR-300A (new) DSR-250N (new) DSR-500N (new) DSR-1000 (new) DSR-1000N (new) HUAWEI DEVICES: HG8245 (new) LINKSYS DEVICES: E1200 E2500 E3000 (new) E3200 (new) E4200 (new) RV082 (new) WRVS4400N MIKROTIK DEVICES: CCR1009 (new) CCR1016 CCR1036 CCR1072 CRS109 (new) CRS112 (new) CRS125 (new) RB411 (new) RB450 (new) RB750 (new) RB911 (new) RB921 (new) RB941 (new) RB951 (new) RB952 (new) RB960 (new) RB962 (new) RB1100 (new) RB1200 (new) RB2011 (new) RB3011 (new) RB Groove (new) RB Omnitik (new) STX5 (new) NETGEAR DEVICES: DG834 (new) DGN1000 (new) DGN2200 DGN3500 (new) FVS318N (new) MBRN3000 (new) R6400 R7000 R8000 WNR1000 WNR2000 WNR2200 (new) WNR4000 (new) WNDR3700 (new) WNDR4000 (new) WNDR4300 (new) WNDR4300-TN (new) UTM50 (new) QNAP DEVICES: TS251 TS439 Pro Other QNAP NAS devices running QTS software TP-LINK DEVICES: R600VPN TL-WR741ND (new) TL-WR841N (new) UBIQUITI DEVICES: NSM2 (new) PBE M5 (new) UPVEL DEVICES: Unknown Models* (new) ZTE DEVICES: ZXHN H108N (new) * Malware targeting Upvel as a vendor has been discovered, but we are unable to determine which specific device it is targeting.
  4. fastpull server is not fast in Spain

    OK, I'm testing out CDN77, a worldwide content delivery network which should massively improve download speeds in "slow" areas. Please, let me know if this makes a positive difference for you. It should.
  5. fastpull server is not fast in Spain

    I will look at doing a European mirror for fastpull.
  6. Sticky post for the switch to Kits?

    Just added one -- should pop up under official funtoo announcements soon.
  7. We now have detailed instructions on how to upgrade to release 1.2, available here: https://www.funtoo.org/Upgrade_Instructions Enjoy. -Daniel
  8. Funtoo containers /var/git/meta-repo has been upgraded to release-1.2. For information on how to upgrade your containers, see these detailed instructions. If anyone needs their container to be wiped and reloaded to a fresh 1.2 installation, please email us at support@funtoo.org and let us know. Best, Daniel
  9. Since we are now using kits to manage stability, the stable (and experimental) profiles have been deprecated. If you are using one of these profiles, you will notice ego sync/emerge complaining. To fix this, do: # epro build current This will resolve the issue.
  10. We experienced about 7 hours of downtime today (early AM to morning US time) due to wildfires in southern Colorado that melted our network uplinks. We are now utilizing a southbound uplink until the northbound links are repaired. All is well in Funtoo land -- just... fires! :)
  11. Hi All, gnome-kit 3.26-prime has been made the default gnome-kit, upgraded from 3.20-prime. emerge -auDN @world and a restart of xdm should be sufficient to upgrade to the new GNOME. I did keep the older gnome-control-center due to really bad multi-monitor configuration in 3.26's control center. Everything else is upgraded to 3.26. -Daniel
  12. Login issues fixed

    A lot of users have been unable to log in to the forums over the past few weeks. This is now fixed! Apologies for this issue. Please contact me on IRC (freenode #funtoo) or send me an email if you are continuing to have issues.
  13. Funtoo improves Dropbox

    I've gone ahead and updated dropbox so that we now have the latest version for Linux.
  14. Hi All, By default, we are now building stage3's using Funtoo Linux 1.2 release as default. This means that new installs will have this in their /etc/ego.conf: [global] release = 1.2 If you are still using release 1.0, that's fine -- your system will continue to use 1.0. When you upgrade to ego 2.4.1 or later, you will be able to set the release as above in your ego.conf, re-run "ego sync", and you will be upgraded to the 1.2 release. The release= setting is simply a short-hand for setting the various 1.2-related kits individually in the [kits] section, so many of you are already running 1.2. Best, Daniel
  15. Gentoo and GitHub

    Gentoo has completed an audit of the compromise, which is visible here: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Github/2018-06-28 A few repositories had some attempts at malicious changes, -- inserting "rm -rf /" at the top of quite a few ebuilds, etc. None of these malicious changes made it into Funtoo.