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  1. Hi All, In order to have more predictability for users, Funtoo Linux is going to adopt a six-month release schedule starting in 2018. Our kits are currently at 1.0-prime, and we are going to skip over 1.1-prime (it didn't get done fast enough) and jump to 1.2-prime. We are going to start development on 1.2-prime today, December 28, 2017, with a planned release of the production 1.2-prime on January 21, 2018. We will then maintain the 1.2-prime kits for the next six months, until they are replaced with 1.3-prime. The schedule in detail is as follows: December, 28, 2017: start development on 1.2 January 1, 2018: we will be rolling out a python-modules-kit and perl-modules-kit as new kits (for 1.0+) January 4, 2018: Alpha release of 1.2 January 11, 2018: Beta release of 1.2 We will have a release candidate when we feel we are ready, with a scheduled production release on January 21, 2018. On February 1, 2018, the 1.0-prime kits will be deprecated and users will be migrated to the 1.2-prime kits (this should be seamless unless you've hard-coded 1.0 or 1.1-prime kits in ego.conf.) For 1.2-prime, what we are going to attempt to deliver is a default gcc of 6.4 and all ebuilds updated to be in sync with Gentoo as of January 2018. We will be using a 'current' (non-snapshotted tree) until around January 4th when we will freeze the tree and then will start backporting security fixes and updates. In a few hours, the 1.2-prime kits will appear but will be tagged as DEVELOPMENT quality, so they should not be used until they are made default. I will post updates here on our progress. Regards, Daniel
  2. OpenGL applications segfault

    It looks like mesa-17.2.7 is something that we should bump since it is the latest stable version and fixes a lot of bugs since 17.2.0.
  3. I like the idea. We can collect usage data on ebuilds and thus know what ebuilds we should prioritize for users. As long as there is an opt-out for people, I think it's ok. We can add this functionality to ego.
  4. drobbins

  5. Also, just a note, I don't recommend -O3 and it is not always faster. -O2 contains all the 'almost always good' optimizations, and -O3 contains some questionable ones.
  6. Same account for forums and bugs?

    OK, I've gone ahead and made the change.
  7. Hi All, Coming in the next regen of meta-repo are ebuilds and supporting tools for configuration of Razer (https://www.razerzone.com/) keyboards and mice. This allows you to create neat glowy and color effects, as well as do other useful things. To configure your Razer devices, first perform the following: # emerge polychromatic # reboot Then, you will need to add your desktop user to the plugdev group, and then start openrazer-daemon in your personal .bash-login or .xprofile: openrazer-daemon At this point, you should be able to run polychromatic controller in your desktop environment to configure your Razer devices.
  8. Yes, I am working with robbat2 on a genkernel rewrite and a modular system to integrate initramfs like dracut, etc. We are just getting started and the holidays are keeping me from diving in right now. The project is/will be hosted here: https://github.com/funtoo/xkernel . You can see that robbat2 has contributed a host of issues/todos that I will be whittling away on soon.
  9. ego trouble

    @palica, ego query should be patched to work with python 3.4+.
  10. New ebuild: turbovnc

    Hi All, I have just committed net-misc/turbovnc to the Funtoo tree. Turbo VNC is a very good VNC (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Network_Computing) client and server. As a client, it will allow you to connect to remote systems and is very fast and feature-rich, with a ton of security options. As a server, it integrates with X and supports VirtualGL. VirtualGL is functionality that overcomes some inherent limitations of VNC, which traditionally does not support OpenGL or forces applications to use non-hardware rendering. With VirtualGL, you can remotely access a Funtoo system with hardware-accelerated OpenGL and benefit from its GPU (graphics will render on the remote system using hardware acceleration and then the rendered images will be transmitted to your client.) Learn more about VirtualGL here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VirtualGL As a client, I've found turbovnc to be significantly faster than tigervnc, and the client has a lot of very useful configuration options -- see screenshots below. Please give the ebuild a try and let me know how it works for you.
  11. ANSWERED Dropbox changes

    I've also just updated the reworked dropbox ebuild with a bunch of fixes, so when the -r1 ebuild shows up in meta-repo, that should merge cleanly for everyone (gnome or non-gnome users.)
  12. ANSWERED Dropbox changes

    Yes, sorry for the inconvenience of this change -- dropbox is supposed to be set up under each user's home directory rather than installed centrally. While this fixes quite a few other complications it does make things more complicated for you. Fortunately there is a pretty good way to get dropbox working the way you want -- using /etc/local.d. See if this works for your needs. Try creating an /etc/local.d/dropbox.start script that will start dropbox as the user of your choice when the system boots: #!/bin/bash su username -c "/usr/bin/dropbox start" Then... # chmod +x /etc/local.d/dropbox.start This will run dropbox as user "username" when the system starts.
  13. Funtoo improves Dropbox

    Note that the original ebuild I wrote had quite a few issues -- all should now be fixed, and the fixes will be showing up in the -r1 version of the ebuild that should be appearing in meta-repo in a bit. Fixes for gnome and non-gnome installs, python fixes, and now should be quite solid. Thanks for the bug reports!
  14. Funtoo improves Dropbox

    Oh, and you also get the QT5-based GUI without having to emerge all of the QT5 libraries. This is very handy for GNOME users. Note that when dropbox is started in GNOME, you will have a little GNOME task icon for dropbox.... It contains dropbox settings...
  15. Hi All, I've just massively reworked the net-misc/dropbox ebuild to provide a much better experience in Funtoo and you should see this showing up in the next few hours. I couldn't get the Gentoo dropbox working reliably. Here is a list of all the changes: Updated to dropbox-39.4.49.ebuild No longer has an initscript It now sets up ~/.dropbox-dist for each user who sets up dropbox (rather than having a system dropbox install) You don't need to be in the "dropbox" group to use the dropbox nautilus (gnome file browser) extension gnome support is built-in (as long as "gnome" is set in USE, which it is if you are using the GNOME mix-in.) Reworked the python 'dropbox' script to provide a better user experience and be optimal for Funtoo: if you start "dropbox" for the first time from GNOME, it will start a GTK+ installer to set up dropbox for you. if you don't have a GUI, you can still install dropbox The above two features are existing features of dropbox that were somewhat borked in Gentoo. At the end of the setup process, you are given instructions on how to enable dropbox on startup. dropbox command-line tool is also included. Please note that if you have nautilus-dropbox installed, you will need to remove it. This should result in a really nice experience for dropbox users. Use as follows: # emerge dropbox (make sure it's 39.4.49 -- this is the new version.) (as regular user:) $ dropbox start -i This will initialize the ~/.dropbox-dist directory for the user via a command-line or GTK+ interface. Once this is done, dropbox start should be added to your .bash_login and/or .xprofile and can be run immediately to start dropbox in your current session. Since the ebuild is completely new, the possibility of bugs exist. Please report bugs at https://bugs.funtoo.org . Thanks. -Daniel