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  1. For the love of God, please don't post full build logs on the forums. You can upload them as attachments to the bug tracker.
  2. A full set of Funtoo Linux 1.4 maintenance release 2 stages has been uploaded to build.funtoo.org. These stages include: GNOME 3.34.2 Updates to debian-sources-lts (4.19.87_p1) Updated Linux firmware Updated firefox Various other fixes If you are already using 1.4, you can get all these updates via a regular ego sync and world update. But if you are planning to install 1.4 from scratch, these builds are up-to-date.
  3. As Funtoo Linux 1.4 continues to mature, it has become a much better long-term stable option than Funtoo Linux 1.3, so maintenance and updates for 1.3 will end on March 1, 2020, and users are encouraged to upgrade to 1.4 at this time, or before. In about a week, there will be a second maintenance release of Funtoo Linux 1.4, which will simply be rolled into the official 1.4 release, but will result in updated binary stage3s and GNOME stage3s. The updates will include bumping GNOME from 3.34.1 to 3.34.2 as well as upstream kernel updates with the latest security fixes, in particular ones focused on side-channel vulnerabilities on Intel systems. These updated stages will have 2020-01 timestamps and will be good options for those needing to reinstall an existing 1.3 environment.
  4. I just committed a fixed git-r3.eclass -- added 'PROPERTIES='live'' to the eclass. In my opinion, this is a silly new feature of Portage that was not necessary, as git-r3.eclass is not a wonderful idea in the first place and didn't need a new 'feature' to prevent it from breaking with the network-sandbox feature. Over-engineering. Full fix should appear in meta-repo in 15 minutes.
  5. I've committed a fix just now for libglvnd, but not the larger git-r3.eclass issue (which I'm working on now). The fix for libglvnd should be live in about 15 minutes. I'll repeat what I said in the bug, as I think it's important to point out that git-r3 is a bad idea. Gentoo seems to be in love with git-r3.eclass but it sucks as I point out below: "OK, I want to zoom out on this problem for a moment and just state that git-r3.eclass is in general a bad idea and the 'github hack' should be used in its place if at all possible. Yes, we need to fix git-r3.eclass, but when we have the opportunity, we should convert git-r3 ebuilds to github-hack ebuilds. Benefits are numerous: git-r3.eclass actually uses git, which bypasses mirroring/CDN infrastructure, meaning we don't have a copy of the source code so it could disappear at any moment. Bypassing this infrastructure also bypasses Manifest files, which are used to securely verify integrity of source code git-r3.eclass is fragile and hacks the ebuild to run 'git' during src_unpack() – it does not use src_fetch() at all. So to fix this specific problem, I just updated libglvnd to not use git-r3.eclass. We will need to still fix this but should start to remove all occurrences of git-r3 in core system ebuilds in Funtoo."
  6. You're welcome. Let us know if you encounter any other issues, or if you just want to leave general feedback here. And it's fine to report problems here too -- if they seem like a real bug, don't be shy to report it to the bug tracker too.
  7. I've committed a fix for this -- should be in the tree in 15 minutes.
  8. Stuff like this should be reported to the bug tracker not the forums, but I will go ahead and fix it.
  9. Answers: "build" is not currently used. It was used when we were doing unstable and stable builds but now all are "~" snapshots. The steam-nvidia-launcher is NVIDIA-specific. The Mesa-based one is coming soon and will be called "steam-launcher" or "steam-mesa-launcher". I just did a 1.4 release of the NVIDIA launcher which will be the basis for the Mesa one (had to fix some stuff before the Mesa one is forked.) -Daniel
  10. Before releasing the Mesa-based Steam launcher, it was time to do a maintenance release on our official NVIDIA Steam launcher. This package now has an ebuild and the docs at https://www.funtoo.org/Steam have been updated accordingly. To emerge, type "emerge steam-nvidia-launcher" and then consult the wiki documentation for host setup steps. This new launcher uses an updated container image which will store your downloaded games in ~/SteamData on the host, rather than in the container. This will allow for game persistence (not having to re-download games) for future iterations of the container. For this to work well, the launcher was tweaked so that the steam user inside the container is created dynamically and its UID is set to the UID of the user creating the steam container. This way, there are no permissions problems with ~/SteamData. Also in this release, there were a few minor changes related to PulseAudio which have seemed to resolve an issue of PulseAudio sometimes not initializing properly.
  11. Hi Everyone, I"ve posted a new YouTube video which I hope you find useful. Troubleshooting is an important topic and something worth reflecting on.
  12. @ennui AppArmor is enabled again, and for a bit the dovecot mess resurfaced. But I disabled the dovecot profiles this should have already been resolved. If necessary, reboot your container and it should be fine.
  13. I was able to reproduce the issue with pulseaudio not working until I killed it and I restarted. I spent a day trying to figure out why this was and no luck so far. I am wondering if it's an issue related to how steam interfaces with pulseaudio.
  14. GNOME 3.34.1 is ready for use and will become the default version of GNOME in 1.4-release in a few days. If you would like to use it now, you can add the following to /etc/ego.conf: [kits] gnome-kit = 3.34-prime Then ego sync, emerge -auDN @world, emerge @preserved-rebuild, and restart xdm and you should be in business. If you would like to avoid upgrading to GNOME 3.34, now is the time to insert the following code into /etc/ego.conf: [kits] gnome-kit = 3.32-prime Then, in a few days when 3.34-prime becomes active, you will stick with 3.32-prime and not get the updates until you want them.
  15. Also, please, open a bug for this issue on the bug tracker.
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