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  1. Yeah, it should since it is a Southern Islands. Right?
  2. Try making your kernel so that it doesn't include a reference to /usr/share/v86d/initramfs. Then, if you are using EFI stub booting, set the video=<your resolution>,mtrr:3,ywrap, If you are using GRUB, add the video option to your kernel parameters to pass at boot.
  3. I get the following message in my /var/log/Xorg.0.log and was wondering if anyone else was getting it: [ 1312.812] (II) RADEON(0): Use GLAMOR acceleration. [ 1312.812] (II) RADEON(0): Acceleration enabled [ 1312.812] (==) RADEON(0): DPMS enabled [ 1312.812] (==) RADEON(0): Silken mouse enabled [ 1312.812] (EE) RADEON(0): Failed to set up textured video (glamor) Does anyone know what implications this has / how I can resolve it?
  4. So, just to clarify, you have both xf86-input-mouse and xf86-input-keyboard, as well as xf86-input-evdev installed? Also, are you using a desktop or laptop? If you are using a laptop, you will also want xf86-input-synaptics to be installed.
  5. I have had similar problems in the past with ati-drivers and a working framebuffer. Uvesafb provides support for a working framebuffer when using proprietary drivers like ati-drivers or the nvidia drivers. You could try installing klibc and v86d, and then try altering your boot flags to include something like video=uvesafb:<your resolution>-32,mtrr:3,ywrap. If the required kernel options are enabled in the pre-built sources, you should be able to get video. Follow the below link for more info: http://www.funtoo.org/Uvesafb
  6. Here's my desktop, using the gala wm, plank, the dock, and XFCE as a base:
  7. What the aforementioned bug report suggests doing is changing the autoplay=1 to an autoplay=0: {{Announce|Should you [[Install|install Funtoo Linux]]?}} {{#widget:YouTube16x9|id=nuHfVn_cfHU|autoplay=1}}
  8. Does anyone know of a template on the wiki that allows for easy creation of references? I am looking for something similar to the Template:Reflist that is used by the Gentoo wiki.
  9. Hey all, I recently moved from XFCE to i3wm because the concept of a tiling window manager sounded intriguing to me. I've been using i3 for a couple of days now and have found that I enjoy it quite a lot. I have looked through the i3wm user's guide and was wondering if anyone on here knew of some good resources regarding learning more about customizing i3? Thanks!
  10. Haha..I agree "Life is too short for ugly desktops." The cityscape in the desktops thread uses a wallpaper that I first saw used in Chrome OS. Here is a link to that wallpaper, if you are interested http://i.imgur.com/NDEjhMr.jpg. Thanks for the information and the link to the website. I will have to check those things out.
  11. A few weeks ago I read a post on some forum (I think the Arch Forums) that documented a piece of Python code that "selected" the color in a desktop wallpaper that was the most common in the wallpaper (or something to that effect) and incorporated that color into a gtk+ theme. This sort of behavior is similar to the taskbar and window borders in Windoge 8+ being colored based on the wallpaper currently set. I have lost the link and could not find it again in my brief ten minute searching of Google. I was wondering if anyone on here knows what I am talking about and could direct me to a page whe
  12. I just got XFCE and the Gala compositing window manager working together...desktop of my dreams :)
  13. Stupid me...the opensource xf86-video-ati drivers do not support crossfire. After I removed one of my cards, everything is working GREAT.
  14. I recently made the switch from fglrx to the radeon drivers for my video cards. The installation and modifications to the kernel went well and my system booted correctly. However, when I ran my compositor, compton, with backend glx things slowed down -- specifically, window dragging was very slow and laggy -- almost like a vsync issue. This led me to check my X.org log, where I found the following: [ 22.676] (II) RADEON(0): EDID for output DVI-0 [ 22.690] (II) RADEON(0): EDID for output DVI-1 [ 22.690] (II) RADEON(0): Output DisplayPort-0 disconnected [ 22.690] (II) RADEON(0): Ou
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