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hello devs (oleg)  :)
i wonder what are the rules behind this new kit organization...
do packages from the master branch eventually make into a prime branch or are prime branches virtually immutable?
if the former, after lying into the the master branch for some time (like gentoo's stable/unstable)? how long? any other criterion instead?
if the latter, are "stable users" supposed to jump from prime-n to prime-n+1 branches at their discretion?

for example i'm on the default 5.10-prime kde-kit's branch and i see that kde-plasma-5.11.0, kde-frameworks-5.39 and kde-apps-17.08.2 were added to the master branch.
i expect at least kde-apps-17.08.2 to make into the 5.10-prime branch since it's a bug fix release, while kde-plasma-5.11.0 to be sometimes added to a new default 5.11-prime branch since it's a major release, not sure about frameworks-5.39 but i consider it pretty safe to include it into 5.10-prime after reaching master for some time...
so just curious to know how this new kit organization method works and what's its internal rules  :)
thank you
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