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  1. Hi Everyone, I"ve posted a new YouTube video which I hope you find useful. Troubleshooting is an important topic and something worth reflecting on.
  2. @ennui AppArmor is enabled again, and for a bit the dovecot mess resurfaced. But I disabled the dovecot profiles this should have already been resolved. If necessary, reboot your container and it should be fine.
  3. I was able to reproduce the issue with pulseaudio not working until I killed it and I restarted. I spent a day trying to figure out why this was and no luck so far. I am wondering if it's an issue related to how steam interfaces with pulseaudio.
  4. GNOME 3.34.1 is ready for use and will become the default version of GNOME in 1.4-release in a few days. If you would like to use it now, you can add the following to /etc/ego.conf: [kits] gnome-kit = 3.34-prime Then ego sync, emerge -auDN @world, emerge @preserved-rebuild, and restart xdm and you should be in business. If you would like to avoid upgrading to GNOME 3.34, now is the time to insert the following code into /etc/ego.conf: [kits] gnome-kit = 3.32-prime Then, in a few days when 3.34-prime becomes active, you will stick with 3.32-prime and not get the updates until you want them.
  5. Also, please, open a bug for this issue on the bug tracker.
  6. Yes, it boots fine for me using UEFI. What hardware are you attempting to boot it on? (Laptop model or motherboard)
  7. @lazlo.vii will be adding persistent games storage (beyond container wipes) at some point. Can you first make sure that the container works with PulseAudio? I do not currently support ALSA. When you are in the container testing glxgears, type "echo $DISPLAY" and make sure it is set to the same value as your regular user outside of the container, and also run "xhost +local:" as your regular user outside of the container. Then see if glxgears will start. I have not reproduced this issue but someone else has, but they did not tell me the root cause of it. So hang tight, should be fixable.
  8. Hi All, I've upgraded our authentication framework, and you should be able to log in. But the migration was not without hiccups. You should be able to log in to forums, wiki, bugs, code.funtoo.org and friends. You might notice that some bugs on bugs.funtoo.org have my name listed as "drobbins#1". This isn't because I think I'm awesome, but because our migration triggered some bad behavior in JIRA and I need to repair its user database. It's annoying, but very fixable, and I'll get to this soon, and should continue to work in the meantime. If you have login issues, please message me privately on the forums, or contact me directly on discord or telegram (links on the main wiki page.)
  9. With the steam container running, use the launcher with the "attach" option to connect to a shell inside the container and try running "glxgears", and debug from there. There is info on the Steam page on the wiki on how to do this.
  10. Steam now has an official launcher script to make it easier to use, called "steam-nvidia-launcher". I've updated the Steam documentation at https://www.funtoo.org/Steam to now direct users to use the launcher script instead. It's easier to use and more robust, as you just have one script that does everything from download the docker image, to create the container, to start the container if it already exists and needs to be started locally. steam-nvidia-launcher also fixes a bug where the Steam container wouldn't start consistently after a reboot. Launcher is available here. Remember to consult the wiki (link above) for usage info: https://code.funtoo.org/bitbucket/users/drobbins/repos/docker-steam/browse/steam-nvidia-launcher
  11. You simply need to eselect python and choose another default python implementation first.
  12. Hi everyone, Since the 1.4 release, we have technically supported running Steam under Funtoo using LXD, docker or chroot, but we didn't really have an official build of Steam or official instructions, so a lot was left to the user and I know this was frustrating for a lot of people. When I realized that Steam setup was an ongoing, painful, still unresolved issue, I started work on an official set of instructions for setting up Steam, and I wasn't happy with the existing documentation out on the Interwebs for getting this set up, so I had to create our own reliable solution for this. The fruit of this effort is that we now have an official Steam Docker image for use on NVIDIA systems, as well as official setup instructions here: https://www.funtoo.org/Steam This is now the *official* way to install Steam on Funtoo. If you use our GNOME stage3, you are 95% of the way to getting Steam up and running, audio and all. If it's not working for you, open a bug, and we'll work on fixing the bug. No longer are you left to try to figure this out on your own or troubleshoot on your own. Also note that getting NVIDIA acceleration in containers working properly is a lot more complex than Open Source drivers. You should expect an Open Source edition of the Docker image to appear soon, along with similar detailed and officially-supported instructions. Enjoy! And let me know how it works (you can post in the Announcements Discussion forum) -Daniel
  13. I've added this documentation on subuids and subgids to the wiki, linked under the main LXD page: https://www.funtoo.org/LXD/What_are_subuids_and_subgids%3F#How_Does_LXD_Use_Subuids.3F
  14. OK, interesting, this means that as you found, the defaults in login.defs are not wonderful. From the useradd man page (see bolded part): SUB_GID_MIN (number), SUB_GID_MAX (number), SUB_GID_COUNT (number) If /etc/subuid exists, the commands useradd and newusers (unless the user already have subordinate group IDs) allocate SUB_GID_COUNT unused group IDs from the range SUB_GID_MIN to SUB_GID_MAX for each new user. So this means, when you created /etc/subuid, you magically enabled useradd to try to start assigning subuid ranges to new users. And by default, its subuid range conflicts with the one in our LXD docs -- LXD eats up this range. There is no point for useradd to be assigning subuids and subgids to new users it creates by default. It's a cool feature if you need it, I guess, but it should be off by default. So /etc/login.defs should have SUB_GID_COUNT and SUB_UID_COUNT set to 0 by default. Also see bcowan's bug report and my response here: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-6773
  15. For those who may not understand the embracing of next-gen communication clients... it's really not about the technology here. We have people who use Discord and Telegram already, and do not like IRC. I, personally, am really enjoying the newer communities over freenode. I feel like there's too much rumors/OSS politics on freenode these days. I spend my time on freenode dealing with this crap rather than having fun and moving Funtoo forward. I see too much weird community dynamics -- too much drama, and we're sitting right next to the Gentoo channels and there is often unpleasant "overspray" I need to deal with -- things like "hey drobbins, did you see that person X is saying thing Y about Funtoo and/or you in channel Z?" Then I feel obligated to personally deal with it. If you are someone who loves freenode and the freenode community, you should be there. I have been using freenode since before it was called freenode. I remember when lilo (now deceased, and relentlessly attacked by his detractors) ran the show. Freenode, despite its reputation for being the place on the Internet for OSS-related chat, has always been a rough place socially to some degree. The truth is that there are a lot of options for Funtoo users to find a community that works for them, and I'm really happy to be not just on Discord but on Telegram too: https://t.me/funtoolinux The important thing is to find a community that is a positive environment for you, that gives you energy rather than takes it away, so for these reasons I am very glad for Discord and now Telegram and think everyone should be too 🙂 The newer technology is also nice -- like being able to edit posts, post actual screenshots into the channel for support purposes, funny gifs, voice support, *amazing mobile clients*, etc etc etc. -Daniel
  16. Everyone, GNOME stages are now officially part of Funtoo. These beefy stages (that was a Larry the Cow pun) weigh in at about 1.4GB and include the following goodies: GNOME 3.32 Mozilla Firefox Popular graphics drivers already enabled metalog, vim, linux-firmware Same debian-sources-lts kernel that is in our regular stage3 multicast DNS/avahi enabled by default The install docs have been updated to include references to these new GNOME stages. You can find them for download on the Subarch pages or on https://build.funtoo.org. Also note that we should now have LXD images for every subarch which will allow you to set up optimized Funtoo-in-Funtoo environments using LXD. Of course, these are fully optimized stages and we plan to continue to offer these moving forward.
  17. You and I are on the cusp of a political discussion here 🙂 but I would argue that even "reputable" sites these days are spewing propaganda, so there is no substitute for critical thinking. We do not live in an ethical age. Whether intentional or the result of our modern echo chamber, there is misleading information EVERYWHERE online and I couldn't really tell you ANY trustworthy source of information that I would tell you that you could trust implicitly. Even Associated Press and Reuters seem horribly compromised and full of spin! Every journalist seems to want to write an atomic bomb of a news story and go though such extreme lengths to try to inject bias while remaining 'factual' -- it would be comical if it weren't so sad. Assuming a posture of skepticism and "it's probably not as bad as it sounds" is highly recommended when looking at sources of information online. Politics is the art of getting a ton of people pissed off and then leveraging that energy -- and doing this online is known to be extremely effective. So you just have to be wary. Don't be a pawn. Now, as for the other issues you raised, I guess I can read and think about those now that I've vented 🙂
  18. I'll take a look at the bug and see if eglplatform.h is in the right place or not.
  19. Frankly I am not sure. Probably what I would do is emerge liberation-fonts, and then see if the problem goes away. Then emerge another font set if that doesn't solve it, see if that fixes it. It is probably a very common font set and I'd bet it's liberation-fonts. I don't think strace will show you what you want. There is already a catalog of fonts, and I don't think it's going to try to do any IO to load the font it needs. It will just look in the catalog and see it's not available.
  20. @walterw you have found a legitimate bug. I have seen this issue as well but have not fixed it yet. My guess is that it is caused by GNOME missing a font set like Liberation Fonts which it uses by default. So I believe the ultimate solution is to conclusively determine what font is missing and then add this as a dependency of the terminal app and/or GNOME itself. I believe that is a correct fix. What you have done -- while it works -- is a workaround. It should just work by default, with no workaround required.
  21. Also, remember to rebuild your nvidia-kernel-modules after building the new kernel so the new nvidia kernel modules for the kernel are available prior to reboot.
  22. You should look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log or /var/log/gdm/greeter.log for specifics to start the troubleshooting process.
  23. To directly answer your question: Upgrade to the latest debian-sources-lts-4.19.67_p2-r1. It is compatible with these drivers. I am using this exact combination here:
  24. This is the discussion thread for the announcement: Post any questions or discussion here.
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