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    ego-2.2.0 released

    Hi All, ego-2.2.0 has been released, and is an important update, and will be appearing in meta-repo soon. New functionality has been added to help you view kit configuration. To view your current kit settings, type: # ego kit status This will display your current kit settings, as well as their stability level. The stability level is set by Funtoo and lets you know if you are running something we consider 'stable' or not. We recommend that all our users use kits that have a 'prime' stability level. Note that this is different than the kit having 'prime' in its name! When I create a kit, I may call it 1.1-prime if the goal is to make it production-quality, but the moment it is created, it is still considered 'dev' (developers only) status. Type "man ego-kit" for more information on this. It is now also possible to view a similar listing, but one that displays ALL available kits and their stability levels, by typing: # ego kit list This new release of ego also includes a host of other improvements, such as improvements to the "ego doc" MediaWiki parser. Enjoy, Daniel
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    A multitude of new kits...

    Hi all, A multitude of new kits are coming your way. I'll give you a list of what they are and share other kit-related updates with you. The new kits you'll be seeing soon are: ruby-kit, haskell-kit, ml-lang-kit, lisp-scheme-kit, and xfce-kit. With the exception of xfce-kit, these kits are all essentially sub-kits of dev-kit (and now have their own kit, just to try to pare down dev-kit a bit.) xfce-kit is for the XFCE 4.12 desktop environment. In addition, we have snapshotted/frozen the following kits: *java-kit*, ruby-kit, haskell-kit, ml-lang-kit, lisp-scheme-kit, *dev-kit*, xfce-kit and *desktop-kit*. Note that the kits in red are ones that previously following gentoo-current, and are now snapshotted as of today (Oct 22). The other kits listed are the new kits. With this wave of new kits, I am pushing forward the kit paradigm. With additional snapshotting of previously 'current' kits, I am putting funtoo's developer focus on getting the new 1.1-prime core-kit, media-kit and friends truly ready for production. The goal is to shift major updates to that they come via kit upgrades rather than a trickle of new package updates. What should you expect over the rest of the year? Expect further stabilization of our now-snapshotted kits. Also, when PHP 7.2.0 is released, expect a php-kit that will be snapshotted at 7.2-prime rather than following current as it does now. You should also expect to see a new generation of kits made available so you can select more recent packages. Also on the radar are automated features to help switch kits cleanly -- think of these as things like perl-cleaner and friends but that get automatically triggered when you switch kits to ensure a smooth transition. And yes, you will likely see a few more kits added to the mix, along with new ego features. With these new kits, the kit paradigm has been further advanced and will continue to advance. Along the way, you may feel that Funtoo Linux updates are getting 'stuck' or not going as quickly as you like, due to kits being frozen. If this impacts you, please provide us with feedback so we are aware of what things you need updated and why -- and understand that the pause in version bumps is more of a temporary phenomenon rather than a permanent reality. The updates will come -- in the form of kit bumps! The adjustment of our dev process will happen, and soon will reap rewards by offering stability as well as the latest ebuilds for you to choose from. Please feel free to share your questions and concerns on this thread. Best Regards, Daniel
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    Welcome to the new forums!

    Hey all, welcome to the new forums! Our old forum software has been upgraded to the latest version and I'm going to be working hard to help make this a really great resource for everyone. Our "Funtoo Universe" section is set up in a traditional forum style, and "Help Central" is now in a Q&A-style mode. Let me know how you like the Q&A style mode. Both sets of forums allow you to tag posts as being answered and we have the ability to flag the best answer.
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    Welcome to the new forums!

    I just fixed login-related issues. Funtoo users who had not used the forums before were unable to log in. I've also fixed the password reset link to go to our official password reset page, as well as the create account link. So logins should be working well. One note is that if you were are user of the old forums, and you changed your 'displayname' to show something other than your username, then your forums account username will be your displayname. You can alternatively try logging in with your email as your username instead. Everyone else should be good to go using their funtoo username (and password, of course) to log in here.
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    A multitude of new kits...

    Also, in addition, I'm no longer updating master on the following kits: core-kit, security-kit, xorg-kit, gnome-kit, kde-kit, media-kit, perl-kit, python-kit. I made this change to reduce the clock time required to update our kits.
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    ego-2.2.1 released

    Ego-2.2.1 has been released. This release includes fixes for the accuracy of information shown by "ego kit list", a helpful informational message at the end of the "ego kit" commands, and some minor unit test improvements.
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    Everything has been updated, and we have a new release out.
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    Help a N00B with chroot

    A picture of the area I am using to work on Funtoo, and all of the instruction sets that are now suspect because of firefox reader view and stupid users. Someone say a prayer for the trees!
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    Hi All, xorg-kit 1.19-prime will be the default after the next tree update. It includes xorg-server-1.19.3 but with backports of all security fixes through (and including) xorg-server 1.19.5.
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    It looks like you have your /etc/portage/repos.conf symlinked to /var/git/meta-repo/repos.conf. try: rm /etc/portage/repos.conf rm /var/git/meta-repo/repos.conf/funtoo mkdir /etc/portage/repos.conf/ ln -s /var/git/meta-repo/repos.conf /etc/portage/repos.conf/funtoo for f in /var/git/meta-repo/repos.conf/*.conf; do mv "$f" /etc/portage/repos.conf/; done
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    ego-2.3.0 ready for testing

    ego-2.3.0 has been released and will be appearing in the tree in the next few hours. It is currently keyword masked but is available for testing and evaluation. It should be considered beta software for end-users -- our developers will be testing it but you are free to do so as well. Several bugs have been fixed (meta-repo sync robustness, avoiding a failure when run in a root-only-readable current working directory), and in addition several unit tests have been added, the entire code base has been heavily refactored, including a completely rewritten internal API for ego profile management. Best Regards, Daniel
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    Free Container Reload for Kits!

    Hey All, If you have a Funtoo container and would like to upgrade to kits, please contact me. I can reload your container so you can start with a 'fresh' system that is set up to work with kits from the beginning. The actual re-image process takes about 5 minutes to complete. It does require that you back up your important data, and once reloaded, your container will need your favorite apps emerged again. Regards, Daniel
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    yes you can save the distfiles and pkgs (binary) if its a problem, otherwise /usr/portage can be zapped
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    ego-2.3.0 ready for testing

    OK, ebuild has been updated so it can now be tested.
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    Just restarted the container and everything worked just fine.
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    Oleg Vinichenko

    ANSWERED About some messages

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    New kit: lang-kit

    Note that the lang-kit is based on a snapshot of Gentoo from about 4 days ago. Thus, you may see some minor downgrades of some packages if you have updated your system in the last 3-4 days. This is normal and shouldn't cause issues.
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    New kit: lang-kit

    Hey everyone, I've just added a new kit called lang-kit, which is a kit for all programming languages that do not have their own kit. This includes mono, fsharp, node.js, tcl-tk, lua, go, erlang and associated categories, plus all of dev-lang that doesn't end up in its own kit. Lang-kit should be appearing within the next hour after your next ego sync. This kit was created to address a nodejs upgrade issue that is causing some issues in the tree and will allow us to lock-in node.js which is getting frequently updated by gentoo upstream. Regards, Daniel
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    How to unmask clang, llvm, lldb 4 or 5?

    Hello, seaofash! You can do this to use lldb in sys-devel/llvm-3.9.1-r1: # mkdir -p /etc/portage/profile/use.mask # echo '-lldb' > /etc/portage/profile/use.mask/test-forum # USE="lldb" emerge -1 =sys-devel/llvm-3.9.1-r1 or # echo '=sys-devel/llvm-3.9.1-r1 lldb' > /etc/portage/package.use/test-forum But if you want llvm, lldb and clang in version 4, you need all this: # mkdir -p /var/git/overlay/local/sys-devel/llvm # cd /var/git/overlay/local/sys-devel/llvm/ # wget https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/plain/sys-devel/llvm/llvm-4.0.1.ebuild # ebuild llvm-4.0.1.ebuild digest # mkdir -p /var/git/overlay/local/sys-devel/llvm-common # cd /var/git/overlay/local/sys-devel/llvm-common/ # wget https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/plain/sys-devel/llvm-common/llvm-common-4.0.1.ebuild # ebuild llvm-common-4.0.1.ebuild digest And the file /etc/portage/package.unmask/test-forum with this: sys-devel/clang:4 sys-devel/llvm:4 =dev-util/lldb-4.0.1 =sys-devel/llvm-common-4.0.1 =sys-devel/clang-runtime-4.0.1
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    Evaluating Funtoo - questions

    I think the answer will vary depending on the person, but I can tell you about how I set up my workstation (laptop, Thinkpad W541). Generally, I want to set things up and have a stable, productive system since I need to be able to potentially leave my home office at a moment's notice and go somewhere... and my laptop needs to work. So I use the standard kits along with gnome-3.20, and now I have xorg 1.19-prime and 3.6-prime of python-kit running. I use debian-sources because it just plan works and I have no time to play with kernels (or need to). I might reinstall every 3-6 months, just to test the installation process, but this is generally not necessary unless you really *want* to. The apps I use the most are google chrome, hangouts, JetBrains pycharm (Java IDE), git. I have cups set up so I can print. I have a small set of python modules installed from packages to support my development work.
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    i remember this problem and will fix now
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    I already have a bug open and waiting for me to add the functionality to specify a kit from the command-line rather than having to edit the config file, so that will be appearing in ego shortly :)
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    Upgrade to ego-2.2.1, and you should now have: # ego kit show # ego kit list You should also be able to do a "man ego.conf" and learn about how to set the branch of the kits you want to use.
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    unfinished merge

    # cd /var/git/meta-repo # git reset --hard # git clean -fd
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    Ah, so I only need gcc version 5.4.0 not > 5.4.0 And so the 5.4.0 is currently not masked? I think I'll eselect 5.4 and try it again. Thanks!
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    python woes

    I think I resolved this by cheating. My machine is virtual so I reverted to a snapshot before I made any changes then proceeded to start over, starting with the instructions at https://github.com/funtoo/meta-repo. I then added the following: dev-python/appi python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/mwparserfromhell python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/requests python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/cryptography python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/pyasn1 python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/pyopenssl python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/ply python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/py python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/pycparser python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/idna python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/ndg-httpsclient python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/urllib3 python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/chardet python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/PySocks python_targets_python3_4 dev-python/cffi python_targets_python3_4 virtual/python-ipaddress python_targets_python3_4 app-admin/ego python_single_target_python3_4 python_targets_python3_4 I still have to re-emerge world to make sure everything is good, but I did manage to get ego installed and it's syncing.
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    Funtoo is now 100% SSL

    Everyone, Funtoo Linux infrastructure is now 100% SSL and should be configured to provide high levels of security (most testers will rate us A+ for SSL configuration.) Regards, Daniel
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    Found it! The trick is "# emerge -auDN --newrepo @world". The '--newrepo' option is crucial. Update 19 Oct 2017: The command above works for more than 1000 packages I have installed, except the qt* packages. For these stubborn qt* packages I had to do the following: emerge -Cav "dev-qt/qt*" * This action can remove important packages! In order to be safer, use * `emerge -pv --depclean <atom>` to check for reverse dependencies before * removing packages. >>> These are the packages that would be unmerged: dev-qt/qtsql selected: 5.9.2 protected: none omitted: none dev-qt/qtx11extras selected: 5.7.1 protected: none omitted: none ... truncated for clarity ... dev-qt/qtprintsupport selected: 5.7.1 protected: none omitted: none All selected packages: =dev-qt/qtwidgets-5.7.1 =dev-qt/qtgui-4.8.7 =dev-qt/qtcore-5.9.2 =dev-qt/qtwebchannel-5.7.1 =dev-qt/qtpositioning-5.9.2 =dev-qt/qtopengl-4.8.7 =dev-qt/qtcore-4.8.7-r2 =dev-qt/qtwebengine-5.7.1-r2 =dev-qt/qtgui-5.7.1 =dev-qt/qtsql-5.9.2 =dev-qt/qtprintsupport-5.7.1 =dev-qt/qtdeclarative-5.7.1 = dev-qt/qtxmlpatterns-5.9.2 =dev-qt/qtdbus-5.9.2 =dev-qt/qtsvg-4.8.7 =dev-qt/qtopengl-5.7.1 =dev-qt/qtxml-5.9.2 =dev-qt/qttranslations-4.8.7 =dev-qt/qtdbus-4.8.7 =dev-qt/qtchooser-0_p20170803 =dev-qt/qtwebkit-5.7.1 =dev-qt/qttest-5.9.2 =dev-qt/qtnetwork-5.9.2 =dev-qt/qtsvg-5.7.1 =dev-qt/qtscript-4.8.7 =dev-qt/qtconcu rrent-5.9.2 =dev-qt/qtx11extras-5.7.1 >>> 'Selected' packages are slated for removal. >>> 'Protected' and 'omitted' packages will not be removed. Would you like to unmerge these packages? [Yes/No] Yes Next, run this command: # Here I have renamed the /usr/portage directory for backup emerge -av @preserved-rebuild
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    ANSWERED Forum search broken?

    This is now fixed :)
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    To compile this version of chromium you have upgrade gcc-5.3.0-r1 to gcc-5.4.0. Look here: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-4235. sys-devel/gcc-5.4.0 is sufficient to complile this version of chromium.
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    Oleg Vinichenko

    Funtoo stages now gpg-signed

    Hiya! All stages that Funtoo/Linux offer now gpg-signed. Please, follow this instructions on how to proceed. http://www.funtoo.org/GPG_Signatures
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    My 2 cents on systemd

    You have totally missed my point. I need to assign an IP address on an embedded system (yes, memory constrained like original Unix). I don't want systemd-networkd to be available. Telling me that its more efficient for systemd-networkd to parse its configs than it is for my shell to do it is nonsense. And why would I bother to learn this? It brings zero value other than I can't use the same syntax and command lines that have worked for 40 years. And the binary logs get corrupt and they just ignore it. There is a 'wont fix' bug report on it. Blatantly ignoring data corruption! I run systemd on my laptop and I know what crap it causes. When I have time, Funtoo will go back on the system and I can tell you from direct comparison that Funtoo ran just as fast, and had fewer problems. And you think uptimes of 2-3 weeks is good? I'd fire you. Before systemd uptimes were in years and then we asked what hardware component died. I think a lot of people have come to funtoo to get away from systemd. You won't find much love for that cancer here. Linux had become sad ... systemd, advertising, Ubuntu forcing you to use a search and then sharing the search with Amazon ... and in general really poor code stability from bloated software. More about me at https://eddon.systems
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    ego-2.3.0 ready for testing

    Oops, I forgot I need to tweak the ebuild to reflect the new python module layout -- for now, this ebuild doesn't work, but will soon :)
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    http://blog.chromium.org/2014/05/update-on-npapi-deprecation.html I just tried the Java verification site https://www.java.com/verify/ and the applet does not work for me with chromium 38.0.2125.24. It does work with firefox 31.0 and oracle-jdk-bin
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    Intel Xeon R5800 @ 8,9ZSHz 256 TB PDR-500 RAM SSD 900TB (LAN) Is up 24/7 for 9 years now