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    Hi All, In order to have more predictability for users, Funtoo Linux is going to adopt a six-month release schedule starting in 2018. Our kits are currently at 1.0-prime, and we are going to skip over 1.1-prime (it didn't get done fast enough) and jump to 1.2-prime. We are going to start development on 1.2-prime today, December 28, 2017, with a planned release of the production 1.2-prime on January 21, 2018. We will then maintain the 1.2-prime kits for the next six months, until they are replaced with 1.3-prime. The schedule in detail is as follows: December, 28, 2017: start development on 1.2 January 1, 2018: we will be rolling out a python-modules-kit and perl-modules-kit as new kits (for 1.0+) January 4, 2018: Alpha release of 1.2 January 11, 2018: Beta release of 1.2 We will have a release candidate when we feel we are ready, with a scheduled production release on January 21, 2018. On February 1, 2018, the 1.0-prime kits will be deprecated and users will be migrated to the 1.2-prime kits (this should be seamless unless you've hard-coded 1.0 or 1.1-prime kits in ego.conf.) For 1.2-prime, what we are going to attempt to deliver is a default gcc of 6.4 and all ebuilds updated to be in sync with Gentoo as of January 2018. We will be using a 'current' (non-snapshotted tree) until around January 4th when we will freeze the tree and then will start backporting security fixes and updates. In a few hours, the 1.2-prime kits will appear but will be tagged as DEVELOPMENT quality, so they should not be used until they are made default. I will post updates here on our progress. Regards, Daniel
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    ANSWERED Use or not of Make.conf file

    I use make.conf; I started to write it in 2010 using Gentoo; then I use it also if may be "redundant" about some use flags; and i've a lot of USE and ~ 2000 ebuilds installed. Cause i like to have as more as possible the status and configuration of my system under my eyes :)
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    glsa-check doesn't provide an up-to-date information for Funtoo. Funtoo also backports lots of security fixes for the forked packages, so the information that you get with --list affected could be inaccurate or wrong. There is a open bug for glsa-check tool for funtoo in BFO https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-3832?jql=text ~ "glsa" so you can subscribe to the bug and get update once such a tool is ready for funtoo. Until then you will have to check gentoo's GLSA list and check the README.rst in the kit of the package for example here: https://github.com/funtoo/core-kit/blob/1.0-prime/README.rst Funtoo also tries to audit forked ebuilds every 30 days. You can see all stale packages on this webpage: http://ports.funtoo.org/stale/ If you want to help and use any of the packages that are listed as "stale" you can check if they are affected by any know vulnerabilities and report those on https://bugs.funtoo.org where they will be squashed as fast as possible. Thank you in advance.
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    Which package satisfies a virtual package?

    you can try this portageq expand_virtual / virtual/cron
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    changing /etc/boot.conf to this should work boot { generate grub default "Funtoo Linux genkernel" timeout 3 } "Funtoo Linux" { kernel bzImage[-v] } "Funtoo Linux genkernel" { kernel kernel-debian-sources-x86_64[-v] initrd initramfs-debian-sources-x86_64[-v] params += real_root=auto rootfstype=auto } "memtest86+" { type linux16 kernel /memtest86.bin }
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    I have never used boot-update, as I always do this manually. But the output says * WARN: No boot/default match found - using first boot entry by default. It seems to me that you are missing the line that specifies the default kernel to boot, if more than one kernel is defined, like e.g. set default=0 is booting the first kernel as default. OK, looking at the page of boot-update I see that you have a defaut setting in place but I think the system detects two kernels named "Funtoo Linux genkernel" and chooses the first one.
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    the problem is reported in https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-4576 the imagemagick-7 support patch is ready which will allow to remove the strict dependency on older imagemagick and hence resolving the conflict.
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    Oleg Vinichenko

    debian-sources-4.14.2 update

    Merry Christmas everyone! The new debian-sources-4.14.2 release now available and will be the default kernel in stages. We hope it will work good for you. Please, report any inconveniences found with update on bugs.funtoo.org.
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    I think following extra repositories could be helpful as well. If a mass of users is pulling ebuilds from a repo that is not in main, we could use that to consider adding it to main. Also a simple tool for turning on/off reporting on each item individually to allow for "secret repos" and other such things. I agree with the above that it should be defaulted to "off" and that details about it should be on the installation page so that it's up front from the beginning. These things require transparency which includes probably letting the user know where the source code is located on his/her machine.
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    I'd rather it be opt-in, myself. One of the main reasons for my using Linux over other OS's is that data is specifically NOT sent by default.
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    I like the idea. We can collect usage data on ebuilds and thus know what ebuilds we should prioritize for users. As long as there is an opt-out for people, I think it's ok. We can add this functionality to ego.
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    Welcome to the new forums!

    Hey all, welcome to the new forums! Our old forum software has been upgraded to the latest version and I'm going to be working hard to help make this a really great resource for everyone. Our "Funtoo Universe" section is set up in a traditional forum style, and "Help Central" is now in a Q&A-style mode. Let me know how you like the Q&A style mode. Both sets of forums allow you to tag posts as being answered and we have the ability to flag the best answer.