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  1. engineer

    Testing 1.3

    OK I fixed this. So I got into the grub editor and changed the name of the kernels manually to get it to boot. Then I did an ego boot update which failed. I then remembered the emerge grub part and did that. When I looked up it was like the matrix on my screen as a billion lines of code went by. Why doesn't make change the text color to shades of green when i use the --matrix option??!!? I used etc-update to merge /etc/default/grub changes. Now "ego boot update" worked, tho with warning I must digest. Things I notice: the search line has updated disk ID, and it found the old kernels which boot-update never did. Oh - and KDE doesn't start. /etc/conf.d/xdm has DISPLAYMANAGER="sddm" but there's plenty of --depclean stuff yet to be done. So thanks for the help, guys, I can boot again!! _Eng
  2. engineer

    Testing 1.3

    My problems are these: I can't boot because grub lists an invalid efi file, and choosing it gives an error. So I boot a LiveCD and chroot in. When I run 'ego boot update' I get an "ERROR: couldn't find grub-probe" Emerge grub says "fails to validate /dev - may be a broken '/dev/fd'". I don't know how to fix this.
  3. engineer

    Testing 1.3

    I don't know how to update the grub tho. The kernels in boot are all LTS 4.9.130, but grub.cfg says genkernel 4.14.12. I don't remember modifying grub.cfg so I wonder if there is a tool I need to run?