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  3. ANSWERED funtoo logo ideas

    Is there a font that is preferred for the logos and wallpapers?
  4. sys-kernel/debian-sources-4.13.10-1 Test

    thank you. yes, the ebuild has no keywords, so adding them is step prior to emerge. Yes, due to many modules enabled by default, during compilation disk space consuming picks around 18Gb, so 20Gb is set so that there is plenty of space.
  5. Funtoo mascot

    I think it could work.
  6. @Oleg Vinichenko Please find the results of my tests under a Virtual Box machine: - First I had to add "amd64" to KEYWORD variable in the ebuild under: /var/git/meta-repo/core-kit/ - Then I had to expand the virtual harddisk, so that I had 20G free (from 32G to 60G) (ubuntu live cd) - Then I had to do a emerge -av ">=debian-sources-4.13.10-1" because with an ego sync && emerge -avuND world it dit not show up in the package tree, when I searched for it. It compiled without a problem, and after (manually) adapting the /boot/grub/grub.cfg, replacing 4.8.15-1 with the correct version, the Virtual Machine booted up correctly Also, KDE Plasma with virtual box guest additions booted up correctly. Kind regards, Valerie
  7. meta-repo: Can /usr/portage be deleted now?

    oh your right I got that wrong... sorry but you should have a dir /etc/portage/make.profile with a file called parent I belive make.profile was a file before the change. here is mine.. change your subaarch to reflect your hardware. ~$ cat /etc/portage/make.profile/parent core-kit:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/arch/x86-64bit core-kit:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/build/current core-kit:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/arch/x86-64bit/subarch/amd64-piledriver core-kit:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/flavor/workstation core-kit:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/no-systemd core-kit:funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/mediadevice-audio-pro xfce-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime net-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime python-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime core-hw-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime ruby-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime gnome-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime security-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime ml-lang-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime xorg-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime text-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime lisp-scheme-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime java-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime perl-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime games-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime desktop-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime haskell-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime php-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime lang-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime nokit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime science-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime editors-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime core-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime kde-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime media-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime dev-kit:funtoo/kits/python-kit/3.4-prime
  8. meta-repo: Can /usr/portage be deleted now?

    Thanks. i didn't ask about repos.conf but about make.profile. I read the README.rst page carefully and did what it says. Nevertheless, I ran into major troubles after removing /usr/portage. First, no profile is defined anymore: me@work# epro list ... WARNING: No arch defined. Please set. WARNING: No build defined. Please set. WARNING: No flavor defined. Please set. If i make /etc/portage/make.profile a link to /var/git/meta-repo/kits/core-kit/profiles/funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/ as suggested above, epro gets broken: me@work# epro arch x86-64bit Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/epro", line 102, in <module> EgoModule.run_ego_module(action, econfig, args, VERSION) File "/usr/share/ego/python/ego/module.py", line 64, in run_ego_module ego_module(*args) File "/usr/share/ego/modules/profile.ego", line 299, in __call__ super().__call__(*args) File "/usr/share/ego/python/ego/module.py", line 49, in __call__ self.handle(**options) File "/usr/share/ego/modules/profile.ego", line 278, in handle handler(**options) File "/usr/share/ego/modules/profile.ego", line 198, in handle_single_profile_actions current_setting = list(self.tree.get_children(profile_type))[0] IndexError: list index out of range Second, tools like qsearch etc. do not work any more: me@work# qsearch base64 search: open failed: /usr/portage: No such file or directory Basically, this means that I cannot emerge anymore and my system is broken, for the first time that I'm using funtoo – and it's quite a couple of years!
  9. debian-sources-4.13.10 added some time back, currently with no keywords set. Please, give it a test nd report back the problems encountered.
  10. Funtoo mascot

    I am doing some sketches for a mascot of a honey badger. A honey badger might be a good candidate. What do you think?
  11. Can not sign into funtoo.bugs

    I can delete it for you. Send me a PM with details.
  12. Can not sign into funtoo.bugs

    That was the issue. Thank you!! Is there a way to delete the other account I made with the wrong email?
  13. Hello, nobody13! Take a look at it, I hope it helps!
  14. Everything has been updated, and we have a new release out.
  15. Can not sign into funtoo.bugs

    Make sure you enter your username in *lowercase*. See if that helps.
  16. It's failing on a patch download. dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https/LWP-Protocol-https_ca-cert-r1.patch.gz. I have downloaded it and placed it in the files folder next to the other patches. I tried running ebuild dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https-6.60.0 digest. it still doesn't see it.
  17. Hi I'm trying to update my system after a fresh install and i'm getting this : basicly its failing and the forum software thinks im trying to post spam so heres my empty code box I there some way I can manually download and place the missing patch and then install? I'm stuck until it's fixed. It did let me attacach the build log build.log
  18. Hi All, ego-2.3.2 has been released and will show up in meta-repo soon. It is keyword-masked and is available for testing. This version has been tested quite a bit by the funtoo dev team so we expect it to be pretty solid but we want to give it a few days of testing by users before unmasking. New features and bug fixes include (please note there is an important one listed below....) Robustness fixes for partially-initialized repositories. Fix for term sizing New 'config' module for reading and setting ego.conf settings from cmdline. allow kit_depth to be specified in ego.conf. IMPORTANT CHANGE: replace /etc/portage/repos.conf with a real directory, and now ego will generate repos.conf entries for kits and keep them up-to-date for you. All files it manages and creates begin with the "ego-" prefix.
  19. Can not sign into funtoo.bugs

    Hello, For some reason I can not use the uername or password from the forums for Funtoo on the bug reporting page. I keep getting an incorrect username or password message. I even tried to make another account, but now that I looked at it again, I misspelled the email address. Thanks
  20. [Solved] Two ebuilds that keep failing

    I still can not sign into funtoo bug reporter. I have even created another account and it still says my user/passwd is incorrect.
  21. [Solved] Two ebuilds that keep failing

    Such problems needed reported on bugs.funtoo.org so that they are fixed for everyone.
  22. [Solved] Two ebuilds that keep failing

    Hi, tefrem34! I'm happy to help, we are here to help each other! Big hug!
  23. [Solved] Two ebuilds that keep failing

    Thank you so much!! :) That was the ticket. You are a life saver, well at least sanity :).
  24. [Solved] Two ebuilds that keep failing

    Hi, tefrem34! Sorry, I had not seen that had it too 'LWP-Protocol-https_ca-cert-r1.patch.gz'. You can download from here http://portages.ifcem.if.ua/distfiles/LWP-Protocol-https_ca-cert-r1.patch.gz and move to '/var/cache/portage/distfiles', then you will be able to install LWP-Protocol-https-6.60.0. I hope I've helped! P.S.: I am attaching the missing file LWP-Protocol-https_ca-cert-r1.patch.gz. LWP-Protocol-https_ca-cert-r1.patch.gz
  25. [Solved] Two ebuilds that keep failing

    Yes, that is what it said. >>> Downloading 'https://dev.gentoo.org/~tove/distfiles/dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https/LWP-Protocol-https_ca-cert-r1.patch.gz' --2017-11-14 15:26:41-- https://dev.gentoo.org/~tove/distfiles/dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https/LWP-Protocol-https_ca-cert-r1.patch.gz Resolving dev.gentoo.org... 2001:470:ea4a:1:5054:ff:fec7:86e4, Connecting to dev.gentoo.org|2001:470:ea4a:1:5054:ff:fec7:86e4|:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found 2017-11-14 15:26:41 ERROR 404: Not Found. !!! Couldn't download 'LWP-Protocol-https_ca-cert-r1.patch.gz'. Aborting. * Fetch failed for 'dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https-6.60.0', Log file: * '/var/tmp/portage/dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https-6.60.0/temp/build.log' So, something is going on with it. It is strange that it will not install for me and it worked for you. It looks like it is the same version "dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https-6.60.0::perl-kit". I am going to try to log into the funtoo bug and report these two issues. I appreciate your help. :)
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