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  1. Thanks, Oleg for this clarification. I'll uninstall it then. PS: emerge --depclean lists it as "to remove" automatically :)
  2. Late reaction, but I'd like to say that I really like this one! :) I'm just asking myself what a 80x80 Logo or similar sizes may look like - Since this is some kind of horizontal and wide it will loose a lot of it's attraction when scaled down that much :unsure:
  3. Thanks for your replies :) @sputnik: Unfortunately, removing argparse did not change the situation. @Oleg: Is there a known fix for it?
  4. Hi everyone! When I run python-updater, it stops working with the following output: tango011 ~ # python-updater * Starting Python Updater... * Main active version of Python: 3.3 * Active version of Python 2: 2.7 * Active version of Python 3: 3.3 * Globally supported Python ABIs in installed repositories: * flora: 2.6 2.7 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 2.7-jython 2.7-pypy 3.2-pypy * gentoo: 2.6 2.7 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 2.7-jython 2.7-pypy 3.2-pypy * judge-funtoo-overlay: 2.6 2.7 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 2.7-jython
  5. I'm excited what you will come up with. We read "I'm willing to help, but don't know how" in the forums and lists on a weekly basis, including me ;)
  6. @drobbins: When flora was still active, I tried to make my first steps to help developing packages which either where totally outdated (www-apps/dokuwIki) or looked like being updated way too slow, because it's versions where way beyond recent (www-apps/drupal) in Gentoo-Portage tree. I then tried to make my first steps in maintaining my first two small packges in flora, which were www-apps/typo3-src and www-apps/typo3-dummy, which depend on each other anyway. I do not know if I did a good job with these or if they were even used by anyone besides myself, but at least, no hate-mail hit my In
  7. Hi Oleg, thank you for confirming this info. But it doesn't work for my Account (Judge). Could one of you please check for it or tell me what to do (creating new account manually, using the funtoo-auth once again, ...)?
  8. Works great, thank you for that! :) Is the content of the feed adjustable? I'm missing the infos "Who's post is this?" and "In what forum ("General discussion", ...) has it been posted?" But even if this isn't possible, it still is a great hint for how I'm used to work with forums! :)
  9. -1 from me for that ;) @666threesixes666: I really appreciate when anybody does any attempts to design Funtoo-Logo and Themes. So I do with your efford. But I really have to admit Otakku and nrc in that these doesn't say "Funtoo" to me even in the slightest manner. But I really like your idea of "recycling" Larry and adopt it for something Funtooic, to underline the roots of it! What about the "original" Larry but with a party-hat on, a clown's collar and a paper-roll-whitle? Would be nicer that the question-mark, at least ... ;)
  10. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone has managed to find an RSS source for forum posts already? All I could find so far is an RSS feed for Blog-Entries ... (left down corner). I'd like having RSS Feeds for this forum a lot!
  11. Hi Daniel, I just tried to login with the same credentials as I did with this forum. Since I have created my Forum-Account with the funtoo-auth system, JIRA should use the same, doesn't it? Well - this doesn't work and I couldn't figure out a working combination yet.
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