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  1. Humm .. You can test http://susestudio.com? You can generate a custom binary iso :P
  2. Hi gum! Try reinstall x11-drivers/xf86-input-evdev :huh:
  3. Thanks for the link @emarsk ;)
  4. Why do not you lower your kernel sources in the common way? In my case: # USE="bfsonly" emerge -pqv =sys-kernel/ck-sources-3.18.3 Look what happens to me with cryptsetup: # emerge -pqv cryptsetup !!! Problem resolving dependencies for sys-fs/cryptsetup !!! The ebuild selected to satisfy "cryptsetup" has unmet requirements. - sys-fs/cryptsetup-1.6.7::gentoo USE="gcrypt nls openssl python udev -kernel -nettle -pwquality -reencrypt -static -static-libs -urandom" ABI_X86="64" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python2_7 -python3_3 -python3_4" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_3 python3_4" The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied: exactly-one-of ( gcrypt kernel nettle openssl ) The above constraints are a subset of the following complete expression: exactly-one-of ( gcrypt kernel nettle openssl ) python? ( exactly-one-of ( python_single_target_python3_3 python_single_target_python3_4 python_single_target_python2_7 ) python_single_target_python3_3? ( python_targets_python3_3 ) python_single_target_python3_4? ( python_targets_python3_4 ) python_single_target_python2_7? ( python_targets_python2_7 ) ) static? ( !gcrypt )
  5. Enjoying the Funtoo Installation Manual - F2FS Install Guide ... http://www.funtoo.org/F2FS_Install_Guide Got a question only at the beginning: With the LiveCD booted, the initial command would be this: Install required programs apt-get update; apt-get install f2fs-tools elinks I agree with the "required" packages of course, but how could install Debian packages with the command, and even before having a disk formatted in chroot installation environment? What is the magic? Or it really work?
  6. Strange ... The parameters that I presented in the above examples are identical as in Funtoo documentation you indicated ^_^
  7. With the death of the following packages: app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-opengl app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-baselibs app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-xlibs Recompile the following packages using the flag "abi_x86_32" pointed in packages.use as in this example: x11-proto/xextproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/xf86bigfontproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/xcb-proto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/xproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/inputproto abi_x86_32 x11-proto/kbproto abi_x86_32 x11-libs/libXau abi_x86_32 x11-libs/libXdmcp abi_x86_32 x11-libs/libxcb abi_x86_32 x11-libs/libXext abi_x86_32 x11-libs/libX11 abi_x86_32 sys-libs/zlib abi_x86_32 dev-libs/libpthread-stubs abi_x86_32 package.use list My OS is 64bit and believe that in this new scenario, and how the emulation was discarded, the OS now keeps two versions of each package for each architecture (x86 and amd64)? Would this be?
  8. Hi vlad, .. "push critical messages to users via the rsync tree" .. Make an emerge --sync periodically to update the news ;)
  9. Hi Duncan! Disable the option: "Cycle through windows in a list" ^_^
  10. Update 4.12 completed successfully and new theme: MediterraneanNight Series 2.03 \o/ xfce4-taskmanager 1.1.0 was pending update on the tree so far :(
  11. I was intrigued by the question: Substitute the xfce-mixer :huh: It is only basic and native interface to GStreamer, ALSA and PulseAudio alternatively :ph34r: Finally, what is your hardware and problem detected?
  12. Xfce 4.12 released After 2 years and 10 months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of the Xfce desktop 4.12, a new stable version that supersedes Xfce 4.10.. The long awaited Xfce 4.12 has been released, enjoy :) News http://xfce.org/about/news/?post=1425081600 Tour http://xfce.org/about/tour
  13. Never seen any malware report from funtoo.org domain .. I use Google Chome Beta and Dev ^_^ Yandex is one of only a web page index, nothing more ;) Maybe, try changing the search engine in Opera to Google
  14. First check the presence of the correct driver: # cd /usr/src/linux linux # make menuconfig Device Drivers > [*] Network device support > [*] Ethernet driver support > ...
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