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Making Funtoo more Fun...

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Sounds great. I'm still working toward updating the GNOME stuff. Anything else, just let me know. PM me on IRC or e-mail is fine, but I'm looking forward to helping out again :D



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I think that Funtoo is the best distribution.

LFS, T2 , are too complex. I think that is impossible for only one person to have a perfectly coherent system.

But Daniel has invented Portage that for me can be similar as an "expert system" :P Portage is Fun ......

Many distributions , in my opinion , to ease the difficulty setting Initials new users to GNU / Linux instead 're committing errors colossal . I speak of " Linux Mint and Fedora for example ."
What I hope Funtoo not want to invent solutions to simplify it installation. precisely because the "magic of Gen / Fun - too it is in teaching varoious characteristics of a GNU/Linux system.

Slackware as an installer; but for me is difficult. IFor me are more simple to use stages & portage.

In this time i prefer windows 8.1 then some other distributions, cause in an attempt to simplify things with messages " pedantic " in my opinion lead to confusion.

Hopefully those who develop an environment Dessktop for example must make intelligible the whole thing .... and without too much information .
.... But apparently many distros you Are losing theirs in " nonsense " that does not lead anywhere except to abandon the GNU system.

I hope first for Funtoo can be more ' Fun ' is due to the introduction of features not convoluted but not trivial .
I do not know .... but various distributions gave me a great sense of reliability . but right now ..... for me Funtoo is my favorite . although i'll remove the debian sources (cause also the kernel configuration is an important didactic perspective).
Systems must be for me powerful and safe; Since 1985 I realized what it meant to have some instruction in most of the processor (from a 6502 to a 65C02 ) .
This is why I always try and luckily found Gentoo Funtoo and that thanks to the intelligence of Portage (which could become an " expert system " ) .
Performances and flexibilty ( and i think That only Portage is the perfect balance ) .
Why I do not know if other complex deployments have utilities like Fun or Gen - too .
Daniel invented for me the best system on the planet Earth. I hope.
Here we talk about " Pure Eclecticism " .
And I think that You're a genius and you're able to create new functionality.

Too many simplifications i think is not ever the correct way. Your creation is a perfect compromise from apparently difficulties but real knoledge of that anyone can make.

Funtoo for me is already " Fun " enough . We do not bite off more than you can chew .
Otherwise is to fall and regress as the dozens of distributions " unnecessary " all based on " something else " .

If it does not exist anymore Funtoo ... well ... I would not use anything. May Be BSD. But .... wich system has utilties such as revdep-rebuild or the calculation of @preserved or @downgrade ?

Portage is Your Jewel. Nobel for Portage :D


I started in 2009/2010 with Gentoo .
A little ' I read the guides , but .... even when I failed I WANTED to install Gentoo , and begin to understand the intrinsic mechanisms of a system.


And for me is simply "The Best".

Wiith ssh conection i've installed 1 Gentoo and 1 Funtoo at 1100 Km of distance :D

However ... Thenk You with all my heart for your genius and your work.

Thank You Daniel. :)


Little example: My Funtoo boot up in 13 sec.

Fedora 21 boh 30 - 40 seconds.


W OpenRC :P

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