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  1. Oleg Vinichenko

    ego tripped up on a fresh 32-bit install

    this problem is already reported on bug tracker
  2. Oleg Vinichenko


    New release of mysql-community available. Version 8.0.14 fixes numerous security fixes. https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/security-advisory/cpujan2019-5072801.html#AppendixMSQL Please pay attention to ebuild post instaaltion messages, if you setting up MySQl for the first time as emerge --config option now removed in favor of upstream and more featureful mysql_secure-installation Report any issues you may find with package install and use cases.
  3. Oleg Vinichenko

    Funtoo without update since 2016

    there is no definite answer for this type of update, it highly depends on what's installed on your box. It is highly suspected the problems to solve could be numerous, and due to some very significant changes, the reinstall from scratch is best. If it's undesirable, then, you can just keep using it without update. If you would like to avoid reinstall, then there are 2 guides: https://www.funtoo.org/Upgrade
  4. Oleg Vinichenko

    Spotify not found - Warning

    fixed now, thx for report
  5. Oleg Vinichenko

    Spotify not found - Warning

    please, report this problem on bugs.funtoo.org
  6. Oleg Vinichenko

    kde plasma without audio (new installation)

    thx for report
  7. Oleg Vinichenko

    kde plasma without audio (new installation)

    this need reported on bugs.funtoo.org
  8. Oleg Vinichenko

    webkit-gtk unstable with 1.3 release?

    chromium uses it's own webkit-gtk fork, called blink (and it compiles the blink internally during build). so it doesn't interact with installed one, firefox does not use it either. gnome online accounts could be an indication that webkit-gtk problem could be the one, please
  9. Oleg Vinichenko

    Long time no update. Advise?

    Yes :)
  10. Oleg Vinichenko

    Long time no update. Advise?

    add gdbus-codegen into emerge list os it looks like emerge -1av glib gdbus-codegen at-spi2-core gtk+ atk qtcore colord qtgui libgusb --ignore-world
  11. Hi, everyone! mysql-community-8.0.12 added in 1.3-release. This is Oracle's MySQL-8 major release. Please, notice, that this package cannot be installed with mysql (replacing). It also has certain incompatibilities with older versions of mysql and databases, created. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/relnotes/mysql/8.0/en/news-8-0-12.html
  12. this is fixed already, sync your meta-repo
  13. Oleg Vinichenko

    Distcc makeopts

    to clarify little bit, portage has basic cpu detection of cpu's when you run emerge pkgname, based on ncpu+1, it does not pass any other arguments such as "l" or load-average. IN this case you may want to tweak you custom MAKETOPS.
  14. Oleg Vinichenko

    Long time no update. Advise?

    i suggest updating to the 1.3 directly, not 1.2
  15. aha, so, there is also an gtkspell-2 ebuild with slot-2. gtkspell-3 is what mentioned as fixed
  16. @morphmex, do you have enchant-2.2.1-r1 installed?
  17. Oleg Vinichenko

    Long time no update. Advise?

    setting MAKEOPTS is not really required for very long time, portage auromatically adjusts makeopts depending on number of cpu's. This is less known fact
  18. this is fixed already, need to wait for tree update
  19. Oleg Vinichenko

    [Solved] Failed to emerge dev-libs/glib-2.58.1 (1.3 release)

    this is already fixed, but you need to wait for tree update
  20. Oleg Vinichenko

    Testing 1.3

    this is fixed already and will in tree with next sync
  21. Oleg Vinichenko

    Testing 1.3

    it was reported already and fix applied, need to wait for tree update
  22. Oleg Vinichenko

    Testing 1.3

    Running ego boot update is reflected in update guide
  23. Oleg Vinichenko

    Testing 1.3

    the upgrade instruction are in prepare phase, that will be published on wiki. But you need latest ego, yes
  24. Oleg Vinichenko

    cannot build openssl--1.1.0h on arm64

    this is fixed now