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  1. Hi, everyone! mysql-community-8.0.12 added in 1.3-release. This is Oracle's MySQL-8 major release. Please, notice, that this package cannot be installed with mysql (replacing). It also has certain incompatibilities with older version versions of mysql and databases, created. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/relnotes/mysql/8.0/en/news-8-0-12.html
  2. tree update has not happened yet
  3. this is fixed already, sync your meta-repo
  4. Oleg Vinichenko

    Distcc makeopts

    to clarify little bit, portage has basic cpu detection of cpu's when you run emerge pkgname, based on ncpu+1, it does not pass any other arguments such as "l" or load-average. IN this case you may want to tweak you custom MAKETOPS.
  5. Oleg Vinichenko

    Long time no update. Advise?

    i suggest updating to the 1.3 directly, not 1.2
  6. Oleg Vinichenko

    Failed to emerge app-text/gtkspell-3.0.10 (release 1.3)

    aha, so, there is also an gtkspell-2 ebuild with slot-2. gtkspell-3 is what mentioned as fixed
  7. Oleg Vinichenko

    Failed to emerge app-text/gtkspell-3.0.10 (release 1.3)

    @morphmex, do you have enchant-2.2.1-r1 installed?
  8. Oleg Vinichenko

    Long time no update. Advise?

    setting MAKEOPTS is not really required for very long time, portage auromatically adjusts makeopts depending on number of cpu's. This is less known fact
  9. Oleg Vinichenko

    Failed to emerge app-text/gtkspell-3.0.10 (release 1.3)

    this is fixed already, need to wait for tree update
  10. Oleg Vinichenko

    [Solved] Failed to emerge dev-libs/glib-2.58.1 (1.3 release)

    this is already fixed, but you need to wait for tree update
  11. Oleg Vinichenko

    Testing 1.3

    this is fixed already and will in tree with next sync
  12. Oleg Vinichenko

    Testing 1.3

    it was reported already and fix applied, need to wait for tree update
  13. Oleg Vinichenko

    Testing 1.3

    Running ego boot update is reflected in update guide
  14. Oleg Vinichenko

    Testing 1.3

    the upgrade instruction are in prepare phase, that will be published on wiki. But you need latest ego, yes
  15. Oleg Vinichenko

    cannot build openssl--1.1.0h on arm64

    this is fixed now
  16. Oleg Vinichenko

    Explicit setting CPU_FLAGS_X86 for Skylake Xeon E3 v5

    As said earlier setting too explicit flags can only benefit if package can utilize the exact instruction. For example the only one package in entire tree explicitly use pclmul instruction, dev-libs/gf2x it has IUSE_CPU_FLAGS=" pclmul sse2 sse3 sse4_1 ssse3", which then has use_enable cpu_flags_x86_pclmul pclmul for the configure phase. Whether any other ebuilds in tree can use this instruction is unknown. Same is applicable to other less frequently used instructions. In most cases the flags will be ignored.
  17. Oleg Vinichenko

    Virtualbox issues fresh Funtoo install

    is app-emulation/virtualbox-guest-additions really at version 5.2.20?
  18. Oleg Vinichenko

    Virtualbox issues fresh Funtoo install

    what version of virtualbox-guest-additions installed?
  19. Oleg Vinichenko

    virtualbox-guest-additions KERN_DIR

    what version of virtualbox-guest-additions?
  20. Oleg Vinichenko

    [Solved] ebuild for pysl package

    The dep can look like (probably): RDEPEND="$(python_gen_cond_dep 'dev-python/configparse[${PYTHON_USEDEP}]' 'python2*')"
  21. Oleg Vinichenko

    [Solved] ebuild for pysl package

    Yes, you can add dependency for the python2.7 case
  22. Oleg Vinichenko

    [Solved] ebuild for pysl package

    configparser is a standart module (shipped in python) since version 3.2, if you are using python lesser than 3.2 version, then you need to set a standalone configparser ebuild. You can skip this dep.
  23. Oleg Vinichenko

    LXD no longer starting via openrc, issue with /usr/libexec/lxd

    what version of app-emulation/lxd installed?
  24. Oleg Vinichenko

    xfce 4.13 not in kits list?

    xfce-4.13 release has been moved to the 1.3-release later
  25. Oleg Vinichenko

    X,Org security update

    Hi, everyone! X.Org security update now available with version 1.19.3-r3. By default xorg-server ebuild installs the /usr/bin/Xorg binary with suid . In 1.19 it was found a regression which allowed a privilege escalation. This is now fixed with patch. More details can be found here: https://www.mail-archive.com/xorg-announce@lists.x.org/msg01138.html A notice on suid USE flag. By default this USE flag is enabled and with unpatched xorg-server there is a security risk. Upstream recommendation is to disable suid USE. This can be achieved by: echo "x11-base/xorg-server -suid" >> /etc/portage/package.use emerge -1 xorg-server This will work in most cases, when login managers are used, such as GDM or similar. In case you are starting the X via xinit or startx, disable of suid USE may impact the X start. You can leave the suid USE turned on, as xorg-server has the vulnerability fix applied.