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  1. Hi to connect to home you can setup vpn, I prefer openvpn. To automagically mount have a look at autofs. Greets peje
  2. Hi dkg, I would install autofs and mount your nfs directorys with it. cu peje
  3. You may build an binhost, and just install binarys. See the article about it. Greets Peje
  4. Peje

    ZFS tweaks

    Hi easiest and maybe best way to speed up zfs is to add an extra ssd (often used intel n3500 or n3700) as zil and log device. There are many guides about that on the net. cu Peje
  5. Hi funtooix, the source file has another size then the ebuild expect. You can rebuild the digest of the ebuild and after that you should be able to emerge. cu Peje
  6. Hi musicweb, sometimes it's easyer to start with a fresh install.... cu Peje
  7. My experience is, it depends on the Desktop you use, if it should be up quick i would recomend something fast like lxde, kde takes about 10-15 secs longer to start. cu Peje
  8. No problem sorry for the mess. If my english would be better... But back to topic the downloaded source code isnt arch specific so you can host all downloaded source code on one place. the insecure way is to share /usr/portage/distfiles over nfs a more secure approch would be to use sftp or sshfs cu Peje
  9. Sorry I misunderstood your first question: Looking into keep my bandwidth usage down... My simple message is portage uses much less bandwith then the downloaded source code. So you really should find a good solution there And please dont take the time to explain how funtoo works best regards Peje
  10. Yes distfiles are only necesary if you install something, but if you keep your system up to date you will download much sources so it's at least for me about 1:12 (1gb portage -> 12gb distfiles for 1Server 3 Multimediapc's and one Desktop). So any ideas how to solve this? cu Peje
  11. And whats your solution for distfiles? -> this seems to produce much more traffic then the ebuilds!
  12. @digifuzzy Sharing protected directories across a network just seems like an extremely bad idea. there are many ways to protect traffic and folders inside your own network, so I dont belive its an extremly bad idea... cu peje
  13. just sync to one server in your network, then share /usr/portage and /usr/portage/distfiles with nfs over your network cu peje
  14. Hey xkbc I sugest you to try the new ebuild: media-sound/oss-4.2.2010 just set the USE flags and OSS_CARDS, for me it works perfect. cu Peje
  15. Something like monthly stable "milestone" portage snapshots would be great. cu Peje
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