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  1. Sucessful! Running since 2015-04-01 (it's not a Fool's Day Joke!)

  2. Hi! After this steps above, I don't see any errors.
  3. Hi! What is our default sound system? In LinuxMint we use PulseAudio, but... Here in Funtoo, what is? Sorry about dumb question, but I haven't found in any place.
  4. Hi! I'm using rEFInd in my cheap notebook, to initialize WIndows 8.1 (Graduation C# classes, sorry...), Kali Linux and LinuxMint (was substituted with Funtoo). In this installation, I only finish install WITH grub. But, let me try an Kernel configuration that boots from rEFInd automagically.
  5. Hi @wavic Here: http://www.funtoo.org/Subarches
  6. Hi! addwifi shows same error to me. I'll connect my wifi using nmcli commands from Arch documentation. Here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NetworkManager#nmcli Maybe error is with my wifi router, that uses wpa2-personal authentication.
  7. Trying to install Funtoo: Kernel 5 x 0 Me :(

  8. Hi! Me too. I'm not sure if it's a bug or my own dumbness. Since yesterday I'm installing Funtoo in my almost-new notebook, an AMD A4-5000 APU. Its more hard as I can remember (I had installed an 1.4 gentoo on an old i486 later 2004...)
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