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  1. Any word on this project? Is there anything that can be shared about it yet? I'm very interested to know what you've got up your sleeve. :)
  2. Apparently there is a least one dev (the one that maintains udev) who has gone on the record as saying: "I wouldn't mind systemd becoming the Gentoo default, as I see systemd becoming the norm in Linux userspace, but that hasn't happened yet, and migration will need time." I am loathe to put words in the mouths of non-native English speakers, but it seems pretty clear from that post what kind of pen he believes that we should all be guided into. I personally find it odd that he claims to have no dog in this fight, yet seems to be on the side of SystemD taking over everything. He also doesn
  3. It would seem so. I tried to spread the good news on the Gentoo forums, but some devs there took it as criticism of their decisions to deep-throat the SystemD folks (which was definitely not my intention). Seems these same devs are convinced that the SystemD-less Gnome is somehow deficient, or misleading users into running something that's horribly broken. How sad; especially when it shows that the whole 'Gnome is impossible now without SystemD' meme to be a lie. :(
  4. I would be curious to know what "critical" stuff is missing with the hard dependency on SystemD being removed. Anyone know? :)
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