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  1. sys-kernel/debian-sources-4.13.10-1 Test

    thank you. yes, the ebuild has no keywords, so adding them is step prior to emerge. Yes, due to many modules enabled by default, during compilation disk space consuming picks around 18Gb, so 20Gb is set so that there is plenty of space.
  2. debian-sources-4.13.10 added some time back, currently with no keywords set. Please, give it a test nd report back the problems encountered.
  3. [Solved] Two ebuilds that keep failing

    Such problems needed reported on bugs.funtoo.org so that they are fixed for everyone.
  4. Help a N00B with chroot

    what instruction you followed, so we know?
  5. Unable to start xfce4 session from lightdm

    no consolekit in boot and default runlevels does not necessarily mean this service is not started by some other services. There are service dependencies capabilities in openrc which could make the service start other service even if it's not explicitly enabled. But i think xdm, which is in your default level could be a problematic one.
  6. instructions for switching to kits have changed

    you shouldn't change anything about it unless you are using custom overlays or layman or planning to use them in future the way old instruction was results in /etc/portage/repos.conf directory to be a link to /var/git/meta-repo, thats then makes a custom overlays inside /var/git/meta-repo, which is not the good place. new instruction makes a distinct repos.conf configuration, the one to point to portage tree (meta-repo), rest can be any custom overlay. i believe better solution to it now added into unreleased version of ego.
  7. Unable to start xfce4 session from lightdm

    it looks it trying to start consolekit, while it already started. please, when you are not in X (and better after reboot) paste output of ls -l /etc/runlevels/*/*
  8. Switch to Python 3.6?

    i havent seen such behavior. But will look in a fresh test.
  9. ICU flag conflict for chromium install

    please report this on bugs.funtoo.org and we will figure out:)
  10. Switch to Python 3.6?

    ego does not switch to python-3.6 automatically as this branch is not default one. You have a choice to switch with ego.conf, then by ego sync you will get the branch cloned.
  11. unfinished merge

    this looks good apart from some permission diffs. try mv /var/git/meta-repo /var/git/meta-repo.old and then ego sync this will give you a pristine fresh copy of meta-repo.
  12. unfinished merge

    show output of ls -dl /var/git/meta-repo/*/*
  13. unfinished merge

    ego sync does clean and reset steps, so you don't need to make them prior to 'ego sync'. or is there a reason why you making this before syncing meta-repo?
  14. unfinished merge

    the fix to this is same as in post #2 are you changing the files manually in meta-repo?
  15. Another stupid ego -- kits -- local overlay question

    weird. i cannot reproduce ego nuking overlays. i use /etc/portage/repos.conf/oleg as my local overlay and ego sync doesnt remove it, ego sync doesn't remove if i use oleg.conf too. Maybe something unrevealed. Can you show whats in /etc/portage by: ls -dl /etc/portage/*/*