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  1. how to get a local overlay working

    is "cat" literally used in overlay setup. It's not a valid category name for the autossh ebuild. Have to be something like net-misc/autossh
  2. ruby targets problem

    thank you, this would be emerge --info. please, provide emerge output where this conflict occurs
  3. ruby targets problem

    please, provide full emerge ouput
  4. ruby blocking kde-plasma

    remove all of ruby* instances from package.use and make.conf and you will be good.
  5. ruby blocking kde-plasma

    paste output of grep -ri ruby_targets /etc/portage
  6. ruby blocking kde-plasma

    show output of emerge -pvt rdoc
  7. ruby blocking kde-plasma

    i believe this is now fixed in Funtoo and removing rdoc USE is no longer necessary
  8. qtwebkit wants to install ruby but it breaks emerge

    working on this problem
  9. Re: GCC 7.3.1 in core-kit 1.2 with Spectre V2 fixes

    Please, report this on bugs.funtoo.org
  10. Re: GCC 7.3.1 in core-kit 1.2 with Spectre V2 fixes

    the steps would be the same as with major gcc version update, they are pointed in so, basically the same regarding gcc.
  11. Re: GCC 7.3.1 in core-kit 1.2 with Spectre V2 fixes

    the mask should disappear with next sync.
  12. Migration to meta-repo, many blocked packages?

    the proto blocks should be resolved.
  13. NVIDIA drivers news

    With latest addition of nvidia-drivers, many of hardware might not be recognized due to upstream support deprecation With attempt of merging the driver on hardware that is not supported you will get the warning of following type: * ***** WARNING ***** * * You are currently installing a version of nvidia-drivers that is * known not to work with a video card you have installed on your * system. If this is intentional, please ignore this. If it is not * please perform the following steps: * * Add the following mask entry to /etc/portage/package.mask by * echo ">=x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-391.0.0" >> /etc/portage/package.mask * * Failure to perform the steps above could result in a non-working * X setup. * * For more information please read: * http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html Please, pay attention to the message and your hardware listed in in: http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html
  14. Cinnamon and Xinerama

    enabled in cinnamon for now.
  15. Cinnamon and Xinerama

    this USE need set in the mix-in.