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  1. Following Metro Autosetup steps from here and here. During run, I get an error message: Metro encountered an error: Command failure (key steps/chroot/run, return value 1) : /usr/bin/chroot /var/tmp/metro/work/funtoo-current/stage1-amd64-bulldozer-funtoo-current-2019-09-16 /tmp/steps/chroot/run.metro Incrementing failcount. build failure Something went wrong during building. See log for details So where's the log file? Doing an `ls /var/log` doesn't show anything metro related. Is there a configuration step missing? Re-exec Metro autobuild step I'm getting a consistent e
  2. Yeah! I like this idea. To extend, here's what I use for "chroot" into a funtoo when using SysResCD: Funtoo Rescue with SysResCD --------------------------------------- - insert SysResCD and reboot PC - verify partitions with fdisk -l /dev/sda or gparted - assuming: boot => sda1(ext2) swap => sda2(swap) root => sda3(ext4) use open terminal prompt for remaining commands: (NOTE: SysResCD terminal is ROOT!!!!) (NOTE: SysResCD root prompt -> '%') (NOTE: Funtoo root prompt -> '#') === activate swap partition % swapon /dev/sda2 % mkdir -p /mnt/funtoo === mount root partitio
  3. Doing an emerge of a package marked "8046" to "1.2019.9" is seen by emerge as a downgrade. I wasn't sure of the "practical", "portage" way to handle or otherwise convince portage to ignore of consider a revision regex pattern to be less than current. I had to throw the question out to the studio audience.
  4. media-gfx/plantuml is java-based software that enables text-based UML diagram generation (similar in nature to graphviz but focused on UML). Latest available in tree is version 8046 (or July 2016). Newer versions(v1.2019.9) are available and tweaking ebuild to build this package with latest software works well. However, portage becomes an issue. Using the newer ebuild as plantuml-1.2019.1 looks to portage as a "downgrade". Short-term fix is to mask package earlier versions (i.e. >=media-gfx/plantuml-8046). How to best to handle definitively change in versioning scheme?
  5. For future web searchers... relevant man pages: https://linux.die.net/man/5/dir_colors https://linux.die.net/man/1/dircolors
  6. FWIW, upgrade to conky is held back because of lua version. Latest conky wants lua-5.3 while 1.3-release uses lua 5.1.x As you pointed out...this isn't a rolling release. This is that cost/benefit of rolling release vs stable release as you allude to.
  7. We tried... 🙂 If it's any consolation, I'm having issues with latest debian-stable-lts as well. Something went wrong moving from 4.9 to 4.19. We'll get this sorted out.
  8. Let's walk through this.... Need HW information. Do `emerge -a1 lshw`. We'll use the package executable to query stuff. Execute `lshw -C network` will produce details about the ethernet devices in your computer (both wired and wireless). From the output, we'll get insight about chipset. That'll be needed to determine if correct drivers are available/installed. (modprobe stuff we'll do later). For my box: # lshw -C network *-network description: Ethernet interface product: RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller v
  9. For the intrepid web searcher looking to solve this problem for themselves, here's what I did... - VLC (v3.0.7.1) downgraded v3.0.6.x (no change) - restored VLC to latest and re-installed ffmpeg, x264, x265, et al (no change) - discovered that ffmpeg has command line access (`$ ffplay [filename]) - audio normal and no distortion - recalled VLC had similar functionality (`$ cvlc [filename]) - distortion All this was going on concurrent to situation with determination of correct video card settings (see forum post Confirm Video Card Settings - 1.4-release) Discovered that video
  10. Addressed in FL-6636 and Pull Request# 155 New 1.4-release VIDEO_CARDS mix-ins had amalgamated cards too much. New profiles were needed to separate out and better represent AMD historical product line.
  11. So it looks like I have "conflating" issues. I have posted elsewhere about poor audio quality in VLC. Digging into that issue produced the following message: $ vdpauinfo display: :0.0 screen: 0 Failed to open VDPAU backend libvdpau_r600.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Error creating VDPAU device: 1 So r600 setting for a AMD/ATI Caicos (Northern Islands card) is probably bad.
  12. @cardinal - more noise. Found an OpenSuse patch (tweaked for compatibility to ebuild ecosystem) the just stomps on a bunch of function calls in the chrome source that have non-void returns but do not return a value. I'm testing on my system now (insert several hours of "Jeopardy Thinking Music" playing in the background) but you may find it useful. Patch applicable to QtWebengine 5.12.3/5.12.4 3rdParty Chrome (v75.*). Let me know if this works for you. qtwebengine-5.12.3-chromium-non-void-return.patch
  13. Yes - hidden files in /etc/skel. No - not helpful as these are set to upstream default. No on grc being installed but it is a possibility. Concern is would this package conflict with what Funtoo does. I was hoping someone with distribution knowledge could chime in to explain how Funtoo implemented this as it seems this is specific to this distribution and not "generic linux".
  14. Just to shut down "noise"... Xorg Radeon page shows just a "radeon" driver and "amdgpu" driver for newer cards(>= "Virgin Islands" series). From page https://www.funtoo.org/Make.conf/VIDEO_CARDS gfxcard-amdgpu This mix-in enables support for modern Radeon cards, including Vulkan and video acceleration where available. gfxcard-older-ati Use this mix-in to enable support for older R100 and R200-series Radeon cards. This leaves me with the impression that there is a missing mix-in and why I had to be more explicit in make.conf. System did compi
  15. 1.4- release required video card settings. I've dug into as much available information possible, short of trenching through c code, I still have a nagging doubt about the setting. Can I get a confirmation what is below is "correct" or "acceptable"? Video Card - [AMD/ATI] Caicos [Radeon HD 6450] make.conf - VIDEO_CARDS="gallium-r600 swrast r600 radeon" epro: mix-in gfxcard-older-ati
  16. Pre 1.4-release. VLC and all other audio would play back without any indication of error. Hardware is functional. No error messages in dmesg for audio device. In VLC only(v3.0.7.1), playback of some video files(mp4, mkv) produces distorted sound(voices are mechanical, slight slur and tinny echo, correct pitch). Adjusting audio delays(j/k key) has no effect on sound quality. Reverted to previous version (3.0.6-r1), which was known to be working pre-1.4-release, produced same kind of sound problem. Audio issues are not present in other applications nor in VLC when playing a music file(mp3,
  17. @lazlo.vii No. Not helpful. In funtoo (at least mine) /etc/skel is an empty directory. My .bashrc contents are unaltered from default.
  18. There has to be a quick answer to this that doesn't involve massive amounts of web searches. One of the nice/cool things to have in Funtoo is the automatic/automagical context colouring that occurs when using nano or such. My personal terminal preferences are dark in nature making reading dark blue or dark red text on a black ground almost impossible to read. This is especially noticeable when viewing emerge conflicts. Where are the colour settings stored? Personally, I would like to edit these properties locally to improve readability.
  19. @cardinal - attaching patch file that was a result of the QT bug report and needs to be tested to resolve this matter. Hopefully, you have better luck that I'm having at the moment. qtwebengine-5.12.3-skcms-fix.patch QT Garret (online project software management system) is reporting that patch will be incorporated into 5.13/5.12.5 branches.
  20. I recall watching a talk about open source and the presenter used the phrase "bus factor equals one". I had similar situation at previous workplace. We kept asking "What happens if you get hit by bus?". After there were two deaths (1 unexplained and another a heart attack) of co-workers and a near-fatal heart attack all in the company in the span of about a year, our group switched it up to "What happens if you win the lottery?". The point? We have lots of really cool tools and piles of knowledge - is this knowledge spread around enough for others to keep going should @drobbins suddenly
  21. Hun...same here. I didn't notice that until I read through your post. I just double check my group file vs what is in the stage3 tarball used for install. They are both approximately the same (local has my user info added). Quick googlefu came up with this - https://www.systutorials.com/docs/linux/man/8-grpck/ I need to read more about the `groups` command for myself. You're not alone... ~Edit~ From man page (man groups): So just `groups` (at root prompt) will produce the first part of the list - or groups for current user. Using `groups root` prints that list as well a
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