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  1. How did you configure your kernel? Manually, genkernel, etc. I had a few laptops that I had to enable different things in my kernel to get the trackpad to work.
  2. Here's mine. http://i.imgur.com/ZgBnSKY.png <- File for picture.
  3. I'm using a i7 Haswell (Core i7-4770HQ). I have Funtoo working just fine.
  4. Sounds great. I'm still working toward updating the GNOME stuff. Anything else, just let me know. PM me on IRC or e-mail is fine, but I'm looking forward to helping out again :D
  5. The install is essentially the same, also depends on if you're going to set it up from the GUI or command line. But, you get a livecd ISO, set up your harddrive space through Xen, boot up the livecd, partition it up (i.e /boot swap /), get the Funtoo stage3, install the system, set root password, reboot, remove livecd ISO, start it up. I ran Xen on my home server for Funtoo VMs for a few years until I switched to KVM. I don't really remember anything specifically weird about installing on Xen. Kernel config was made from looking at lspci, lscpu, etc. I think the only thing that I specific
  6. On my Funtoo servers I have an IRC server, Minecraft server, self hosted blog (I don't like Wordpress xD), and XMPP. That's usually what I do with my stuff. Set up different things to learn more and of course for fun stuff.
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