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Funtoo processor intel i7 haswell


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Hello guys,


does anyone here has already configure funtoo on a intel processor serie i7 with haswell as microarchitecture?

If yes, could post here to me the dmesg and the .config of the kernel?


I'm having a lot of trouble to make this work. And I really don't know why, but I'm almost sure that I've a hardware problem and not a kernel configuration problem, but I want to be sure, and I think I can be a little more sure if I compare my kernel configuration with the configuration of someone that has this configuration working.


Thank you guys!

Happy new year to all !!!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Nothing work... after a 15 minutes of system up I get kernel panic.

I notice that there is two different kind of kernel panic... one is that very famous drm_kms_helper kernel panic...

The other one just dump a lot of hexadecimal code in the screen.


I know that it's not a lot of information... I'm going to try to get some more, very soon.


Thanks for the help!

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I've an i7 "Haswell" 4771 and I use for all FLAGS (CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, FFLAGS and FCFLAGS) : "-march=native -O2 -pipe"

To see the active flags i use this script:


echo 'int main(){return 0;}' > test.c && gcc -v -Q -march=native -O2 test.c -o test && rm test.c test 

In a terminal

Then in another terminal


echo 'int main(){return 0;}' > test.c && gcc -v -Q -march=core-avx2 -O2 test.c -o test && rm test.c test 


Then with kate or gedit I can see simply the differences.


Same discussion was also for -march=core2 and -march=native; using -march=native, 2 o 3 flags or more are activated.

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The first thing that i make with a new PC is the complete memtest !!!

because in the past I've had several times troubles with Ram modules.
I've an assembled PC .
Here in Italy many retailers offers computers with "basic" kingston memories for show  "low  with prices" .


Instead I say NO !!!!! I want the hardware is good and have medium/great quality .

For example using Boinc ( 8 CPU + 1 x nvidia gpu ) the coretemps came to exceed 100 ? C : -o

Then I've bought a water cooler.
Using the system so exasperated ( Boinc , more compilation + Movies with XBMC ) , I do not see even a lost frame .
And I compile libreoffice in RAM ( 16GiB ) using / dev / shm .
My videocard is a MSI nvidia GTX 660 and also under intensive use so far I have not seen temperatures superior to 75 ? C .
Globally, thanks to water cooling Corsair H80i, either the gpu and cores ( i7 haswell ) do not exceed 75 ? C with Heavy Hard Load.
I could put a fan ( also 2 ) as substitutes for the case to dissipate better the hot "air in the case".


And not only for ram, I test the quality using benchmarks cause if i don't have hardware stability,

it becomes difficult to understand whether hardware or software error .

Excuse my logorrhoea :)

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