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Nvidia drivers are not found



Hi all,

unfortunately my Xorg do not work, so i needed to use another computer in order to write this post.

My problem started after updating to the new Nvidia driver 435.21. This caused a not compatible API between my gentoo-sources 4.19.27.

That is why I updated today to debian-sources 5.2.17-p1. After the update i validated that the selected kernel is the new debian kernel and prefomed:

emerge @x11-module-rebuild

The package x11-drivers/nvidia-driver-435.21 was installed as well.


The problem ist that my xorg does not start. looking into Xorg.0.log reviles that no nvidia driver exists

using the command find i was unable to find for this kernel files such as nvidia.ko


Any idea?


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In my case gfxcard-nvidia was in my mix-ins enabled, but i have VIDEO_CARDS in my make.conf as well.

Do i need my VIDEO_CARDS in make.conf if i activated  gfxcard-nvidia in mix-ins?


What did the trick was installing x11-drivers/nvidia-kernel-modules.

I did:

emerge -uDva @world

and the package x11-drivers/nvidia-kernel-modules was not part of it, so i guess the dependencies are not perfect or that it need to be installed separately.

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@quantum that wiki page mentions the nvidia-kernel-modules in the Introduction and the 1.4 Funtoo upgrade guide explicitly mentions needing the nvidia-kernel-modules package. The wiki page is editable by anyone if you wish to add please go ahead, it would be appreciated ? Also, debian-sources-lts is the default and preferred sources for Funtoo. They are much more thoroughly tested/vetted. Debian-sources are more of a courtesy as they are latest testing of new kernel additions before a mainline LTS kernel is released.

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