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  1. Hello together, in my new project I am reading all ebuilds from a given path and then I would like to split the filename (string) that i found to its components: atom base and atom version. For example: /var/git/overlay/sys-apps/portage-2.1.4_rc1 I would like to get back Atom base: portage Atom version: 2.1.4_rc1 It would be even better if atom version will be split to "major.minor.micro" and "rc". Thanks for your help
  2. @bcowan thanks for the explanation. Would it be great if your information "nvidia-kernel-modules needs to be installed separately, this is by design for container use cases." be added to NVIDIA Linux Display Drivers? Or the users should install the latest debian-sources-lts instead?
  3. In my case gfxcard-nvidia was in my mix-ins enabled, but i have VIDEO_CARDS in my make.conf as well. Do i need my VIDEO_CARDS in make.conf if i activated gfxcard-nvidia in mix-ins? What did the trick was installing x11-drivers/nvidia-kernel-modules. I did: emerge -uDva @world and the package x11-drivers/nvidia-kernel-modules was not part of it, so i guess the dependencies are not perfect or that it need to be installed separately.
  4. Hi all, unfortunately my Xorg do not work, so i needed to use another computer in order to write this post. My problem started after updating to the new Nvidia driver 435.21. This caused a not compatible API between my gentoo-sources 4.19.27. That is why I updated today to debian-sources 5.2.17-p1. After the update i validated that the selected kernel is the new debian kernel and prefomed: emerge @x11-module-rebuild The package x11-drivers/nvidia-driver-435.21 was installed as well. The problem ist that my xorg does not start. looking into Xorg.0.log reviles t
  5. @cardinal does it make sense to install other version? Or this is a problem a comment problem on multiply release of mariadb?
  6. I am trying to activate my mariadb database. After installting mariadb: [ebuild R ] dev-db/mariadb-10.4.6:0/18::core-server-kit USE="server -backup -bindist -client-libs -cracklib -debug -extraengine -galera -innodb-lz4 -innodb-lzo -innodb-snappy -jdbc -jemalloc -kerberos -latin1 -libressl -mroonga -numa -odbc -oqgraph -pam -perl -profiling -rocksdb (-selinux) -sphinx -sst-mariabackup -sst-rsync -static -systemd -systemtap -tcmalloc -test -tokudb -xml -yassl" 0 KiB [ebuild R ] virtual/mysql-5.6-r12:0/18::core-server-kit USE="server -embedded -static" 0 KiB After the i
  7. What is the difference between dev-ros and ros-meta categories? Since Funtoo support only one ROS distribution, it is to my not clear the seperation to dev-ros and ros-meta. In case of multi ROS distribution, the packages in dev-ros, the specific to a distribution need to be some how connected to the same ROS distribution. Regards
  8. meanwhile, I decided to try implementing it.
  9. Hi to all, i am using Funtoo together with ROS (Robotic Operation Systems). In ROS there are many distributions and each one is considered closed for it self. In Funtoo there is only one version available, the Melodic, which is only shortly got the status "Recommended". There exists a ros-overlay, which generate its ebuilds. From my experience it works pretty well, but it is a complete solution. I was facing missing dependencies problem as well. Would it be conceivable to create a ROS kit and to place there all the different ROS distributions? I would be mo
  10. @Oleg VinichenkoThank you for your replay. if i understand you correctly, then in my case of using python 3.6, then there is no problem. What will happen if someone else with python 2.7 only would like to install this package as well? Then configparser will be needed. What i am missing in your answer is a solution to the case that the someone else and I could use the same ebuild. Is there way to write one ebuild for both cases?
  11. Dear all, for atom-1.3.1 I would like to write an ebuild pysl-0.21.1 As i looked in setup.py, I saw: install_requires=[ 'configparser; python_version<"3.0"', 'future>=0.14.0', 'futures; python_version<"3.2"', 'jedi>=0.12', 'python-jsonrpc-server', 'pluggy' ], extras_require={ 'all': [ 'autopep8', 'mccabe', 'pycodestyle', 'pydocstyle>=2.0.0', 'pyflakes>=1.6.0', 'rope>-0.10.5', 'yapf', ], 'autopep8'
  12. As part of my try to build ROS2 Bouncy distribution with Funtoo I added ros-overlay to my repository. At present i get a build error for the package ros-bouncy/ament_cmake_core-0.5.1 Since i was unable to upload the file, there here is my /var/tmp/portage/ros-bouncy/ament_cmake_core-0.5.1/temp/build.log: As i tried to investigate the problem, i found that i do have package ament_package, but at a different path: As you can see, /opt/ros/bouncy/lib64/python3.6/site-packages rather then /usr/lib64/python3.6/site-packages. My guess is that the PYTHONPATH which is se
  13. quantum

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    Problem is solved with the help of: https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Problem_FAQ#I_get_.22No_space_left_on_device.22_errors.2C_but_df_says_I.27ve_got_lots_of_space I used the command: btrfs fi balance start and now it works.
  14. quantum

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    Hi all, since two days i have follwoing problem: My home partition shows allwas that it is full alought using df -h : Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda7 20G 5.3G 0 100% /home I don't understand how my 5.3G occupy the all 20G... After deleting files from /home, there was some free space in /home. Unfortently, after restarting the computer, there was once again 100% used. lsof do not show any open file under /home Any ideas?
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