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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everybody, when I installed Funtoo on my rather old computer in April, I was running a Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 VGA adapter. I installed the stage 3 Gnome tarball which gave me the 4.19.98_p1-debian-sources-lts kernel. For the old graphics card I had to mask the newer nvidia-drivers; it is supported by the 390.132. No problem so far, everything running smoothly. Some days ago, I replaced the old VGA adapter with a newer one, a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti. So it came to my mind to do some software updates too. I decided to install the debian-sources 5.9.6_p1, I also did emerge -avt linux-firm
  2. some questions regarding @drobbins announcement: https://forums.funtoo.org/topic/2997-selinux-packages-updated-in-14-and-selinux-next-development/ 1. If I (as funtoo user) report bugs (found on funtoo machine) to Gentoo Hardened SELinux project . Do I also need to report them to bugs.funtoo.org? (example: FL-6753 and 697564). Thats not a problem for me but I don't know what about devs? 2. I think that I found one sec-policy bug related to nvidia which I suspect is funtoo specific. I connect it with this change but I can't tell if it's valid for Gentoo and should
  3. Hello, everyone, I'm a new convert to Funtoo, I've been playing around with the distribution for the last three weeks, and I think I have almost everything to how I like it. The problem is that it seems that KDE is not installed correctly. I followed the Funtoo Wiki for installing it, and it worked very well upon first booting in after install with the "sddm" command as root. I then powered down, and then booted up again, to find that KDE is defaulting to a software renderer, Plasma seems to not be working correctly, and PulseAudio is not detecting my sound cards anymore. All o
  4. The approach to installing steam as described here: https://www.funtoo.org/Steam is very clever. However, it doesn't describe how it applies to Optimus laptops. Or am I missing something? Can the guide for Steam be used for gaming (Optimus) laptops? Sorry, but I'm just a mere mortal trying to figure out how I can use my gaming laptop given that Funtoo is now fully 64-bit. Other things in mind: Lutris, Wine, DXVK, Vulkan, Steam proton.
  5. Hi all, unfortunately my Xorg do not work, so i needed to use another computer in order to write this post. My problem started after updating to the new Nvidia driver 435.21. This caused a not compatible API between my gentoo-sources 4.19.27. That is why I updated today to debian-sources 5.2.17-p1. After the update i validated that the selected kernel is the new debian kernel and prefomed: emerge @x11-module-rebuild The package x11-drivers/nvidia-driver-435.21 was installed as well. The problem ist that my xorg does not start. looking into Xorg.0.log reviles t
  6. Hi! Following ebuilds now added to testing nvidia-drivers-390.77-r1 and nvidia-drivers-396.45-r1 Both including patch to resolve a blank screen issue, when kernel-4.16 or newer used.. This patch will not be applied, if older kernel version installed or/and set as default kernel. To test, assuming kernel-4.16 or newer used and video card is supported by LTS release of nvidia-drivers, proceed with following steps echo "=x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-390.77-r1 **" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords emerge nvidia-drivers debian-sources-4.17.8 added, also with no keywords, f
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