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  1. Funtoo dropped multilib support not 32 bit, that's a big difference, 32 bit is still supported with new stages as recently as 02/04/2020, and you're trying to remove debian-sources when you should be removing debian-sources-lts 🙂
  2. Because those ebuilds need fixed to add support for python 3.7. Bugs need filed or pull requests added 🙂
  3. Most likely a very simple fix of adding python 3.7 to to python_compat in the ebuild if you could file a bug on bugs.funtoo.org or fix and make a pull request to code.funtoo.org it would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂
  4. It shouldn't care, allot of us use /var/tmp on tmpfs. Is your /var/tmp/portage full of failed builds causing less than 8 gigs of space? Or something else filling /var/tmp?
  5. Could you please report this on bugs.funtoo.org so we can further investigate? Thanks 🙂
  6. Do you actually use and need python 3.6? The default in Funtoo 1.4 is python 3.7 and the install guide has you emerge -C =dev-lang/python-3.6* and eselect python cleanup. These steps should have corrected allot of your issues.
  7. I can reproduce this, can you please report on bugs.funtoo.org? Thanks
  8. Feel free to file bugs on bugs.funtoo.org also that way we can track and other users can benefit/search.
  9. @upc0d3 can you try emerge -1 =net-libs/gssdp-1.0.3 and emerge -1 =net-libs/gupnp-1.0.3 then emerge -1 gupnp-igd the versions are slotted so they will install side by side...or both versions will be installed, however you wish to say it 🙂
  10. @jhan the above seems to be the answer here, needs to dep on older version. If you want to test and PR I have to go out to eat. I can do later if not 🙂
  11. @jhan already checking, looks like it needs to dep on older 1.0.3 sth like, =net-libs/gssdp-1.0.3:= =net-libs/gupnp-1.0.3:= seeing if it will rebuild with both installed now 🙂
  12. Could you file a bug at bugs.funtoo.org please so we can get this taken care of? At least get libaccounts-glib updated to the latest version, hopefully will fix the issue. Thank You 🙂
  13. Thanks for this report also, this too is part of the pending PR. sushi needed an added dep on gtksourceview:4
  14. Thanks for the report! I made a PR last night pending on this...fix will be in the tree eventually 🙂
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