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Funtoo's stable build profile

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Hi everyone,

Is it just me, or has the stable profile been a bit too broken for a couple of weeks now?

I run Funtoo both on my servers and my desktop. On servers I need to unmask more than I like, and my desktop... well let's just say it's probably easier to switch to the 'current' profile, than to work it all out for the stable profile.

There are so many conflicts, and so much stuff is missing from the stable profile... anyone else notice this?

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Oh, Oleg you work so hard already! So, please know that I don't want to cause extra pressure.


I am glad that you are aware of the issue, and that is enough for me for now. No prob, I can wait :)

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So, back on topic - I have a lot of nodes that are running Funtoo. So it's a bit difficult to give info for each one, but, they are all using stable (and hardened!).


The output from an emerge update on my desktop is so large at the moment, it's not a pleasant read. It's even worse when the colours are stripped. But because this is the most problematic installation to update :) I have collected the following things:


  • The output from 'emerge -vupDN --with-bdeps=y --complete-graph --keep-going @world'
  • Output from 'emerge --info'
  • Some other files (package.accept_keywords, package.mask/unmask etc.)


Where shall I put them? Do you guys have a preference?

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We do need more people testing stable. I use current pure64 and multilib, so we are not testing stable.


If you'd like to be part of a stable testing team, post here, and let's get to work.




I use the "amd64 stable";

if I can help with the feedbacks as well tell me what to try / test ..... 
For me it would be a great pleasure :)
For example, currently the system I have is perfectly "consistent"; just look at that emerge -epv world [/ b] 
I find 
[ebuild R] app-arch/file-roller-3.12.2 USE = "nautilus (-packagekit)" 1,365 kB 
[ebuild R] gnome-extra/gnome-user-share-3.10.2 USE = "bluetooth" 375 kB 
[ebuild R] gnome-extra/gnome-documents-3.12.1 697 kB 
[ebuild R] media-sound/sound-juicer-3.12.0 USE = "flac vorbis-debug} {-test" 1,916 kB 
Total: 1712 packages (1712 reinstalls), Size of downloads: 5,349,639 kB 
sandro @ ci7ht ~ $
So no "PACKAGE locked", no "circular dependencies".
However, if you ask me to try something useful, I am 100% available. 
All Good for All :)

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