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    GCC 5

    Is it ready to test on hardened installs? *edit*: apparently so. But the build fails early due to a problematic patch: * Failed Patch: 05_all_gcc48_gcc.c.patch ! * ( /var/build/portage/sys-devel/gcc-5.3.0/work/piepatch/05_all_gcc48_gcc.c.patch ) * * Include in your bugreport the contents of: * * /var/build/portage/sys-devel/gcc-5.3.0/temp/05_all_gcc48_gcc.c.patch.out * ERROR: sys-devel/gcc-5.3.0::gentoo failed (prepare phase): * Failed Patch: 05_all_gcc48_gcc.c.patch! For the contents of the .patch.out file see here: http://sprunge.us/FSNA
  2. Well, postfix into stage3, we could have a separate thread for this. I can understand why people don't like this, although in Linux land it is required to have some mail daemon. Or is this an outdated convention and am I starting to show my grey hairs? :blink: Regarding the runlevel modifications - I was thinking of a switch in make.conf because this is the config file that is read by emerge.
  3. Wow, same here (late) but yes, this one is amazing! And LOL @ snorkel
  4. The only thing I'm missing Daniel is why you are still masking 3.4. I'm fine with 3.3 though.
  5. As a user who uses Funtoo almost ubiquitously on servers and workstations, and loves it dearly, I just can't get used to a couple of things. Hope we can talk these over. First point that's been bugging me for a long time is when an installation or update modifies my runlevels. It's pretty annoying and on my systems, the only person who alters a runlevel should be me. All I'm asking is for is a way to be able to prevent runlevel modification. I'm cool when the default stays like how it is now. But I need to divert from the default. Maybe a setting in rc.conf or make.conf? Maybe some confirmation step like we have dispatch-conf for config file alteration? For example, I just installed a postfix update on a server and it added postfix to the default runlevel. But what if I don't want that? Maybe I'm using stacked runlevels. Or maybe I have an 'online' runlevel and an 'offline' runlevel. Right now I don't have a choice in the matter. Same with /etc/init.d/hostname. If there's one init script I abhor... :ph34r: This one even alters /etc/hosts. The audacity! Alright, that's a strong word. But still. I just need a way more simple hostname script that just sets the hostname via /bin/hostname and leave it at that. I tried to create my own replacement init script for that, for example /etc/init.d/myhostname, but when I update openrc... BAM the default script is added right back to the default runlevel. Guys, this should not happen. There are other examples. Lvm for instance. What if I don't use lvm? "Then there shouldn't be a problem." No, there is a problem because I don't have a choice and need to pay extra attention. The current way I'm working around runlevel modification is by creating a copy of /etc/runlevels, and after updating or whatever, setting that copy back. And for good measure I make a copy of /etc/hosts. Or I lock it by using chattr +i. Yeah that last option sucks. But it's what users do when a file keep sbeing changed. So the extra steps I need to take to make sure that my own post-installation modifications stay in place, are growing. Hope this is something we can discuss, because all I'm really asking for is more versatility. :)
  6. So, back on topic - I have a lot of nodes that are running Funtoo. So it's a bit difficult to give info for each one, but, they are all using stable (and hardened!). The output from an emerge update on my desktop is so large at the moment, it's not a pleasant read. It's even worse when the colours are stripped. But because this is the most problematic installation to update :) I have collected the following things: The output from 'emerge -vupDN --with-bdeps=y --complete-graph --keep-going @world' Output from 'emerge --info' Some other files (package.accept_keywords, package.mask/unmask etc.) Where shall I put them? Do you guys have a preference?
  7. Darn, I missed the emails from the forums, they were rejected. I'll file a separate bug report for that. It's coming right up. Edit: Please see https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-1354.
  8. Oh, Oleg you work so hard already! So, please know that I don't want to cause extra pressure. I am glad that you are aware of the issue, and that is enough for me for now. No prob, I can wait :)
  9. Hi everyone, Is it just me, or has the stable profile been a bit too broken for a couple of weeks now? I run Funtoo both on my servers and my desktop. On servers I need to unmask more than I like, and my desktop... well let's just say it's probably easier to switch to the 'current' profile, than to work it all out for the stable profile. There are so many conflicts, and so much stuff is missing from the stable profile... anyone else notice this?
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