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Im a user of Arch linux ,i want to install a source based distro, why should i choose Funtoo instead of Gentoo?

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I came straight to Funtoo so I can't speak from experience on Gentoo but I know that I like some of the things that are frequently noted as differences.


The profile system makes it easy to create a build that is very specific to your needs.


The git based portage system is fast and efficient.


The network configuration tools seem simple, logical, and effective for me as UNIX/Linux old timer.


The boot-update tool gives me control of my boot process without the pain of dealing directly with grub2.


I believe it's important to pursue alternatives to systemd and Funtoo does not support systemd.

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I find that Funtoo is more stable than Gentoo and there is a big advantage in getting a debian-sources kernel that you can slim down yourself or set up the gentoo-sources, or other kernels.  

Another reason why I prefer Funtoo is that there is more innovation than in Gentoo (more quickly), and there are some pretty cool features in Funtoo that Ge too don't have (more stage architectures, epro etc).


Also, git portage ftw.


There is the question of you prefer the community in Gentoo deciding, which takes a long time or a few people deciding who has the best interest of the users at heart. 

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As a long-time Gentoo user, as well as the originator of the kernel seed idea, I can safely say that I like Funtoo a lot more than Gentoo.

Firstly, they bought my web site. What's not to love about that? :)

Seriously. The first thing I noticed and loved right off the bat was the git portage tree. Not only is it quicker and less taxing on an internet connection best described as crappy, it precludes the need for downloading portage to expand it where it belongs. Just open the stage-3, and tell it to emerge --sync. Viola! Instant portage tree where none existed before. When I ran into some corruption due to flaky kernel reiserfs drivers, I had to delete the portage tree a few times due to corruption. With git portage, not a problem.

I can't really comment on it being more stable than Gentoo, because I've never really had stability problems with either distro.

I also like that when I start it in CLI, the screen doesn't blank for login. I hate, hate, hate that about Gentoo! How can you possibly troubleshoot boot time issues if the screen blanks and takes away your error messages? Sure, it can be changed, but I don't understand why the default should hide boot messages and possible errors. No computer is perfect, and things happen. And sometimes, the log doesn't get the info, either.



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Just came from Manjaro which is one of the best distros on the planet in my opinion.


It's my 2nd favorite now.


Funtoo is super intuitive for anyone that's used Linux before and it gives you a lot more control over the entire system.


I'm running the same setup I had with Manjaro and I am 3 gigs lighter. That's crazy.


Funtoo isn't lying about the speed either. Firefox fully loaded in 1 second on my 5 year old laptop with 1st Gen I7....and that's AFTER a cold boot.


This thing zips. You'll love it!

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