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  1. From what I'm seeing, pkgconfig is where the data is held. It doesn't much matter at this point. I've salvaged the data from the hard drive, save some firefox cache files. I downloaded a new tar ball, and have expanded it into a directory on my 64 bit main machine. I'm going to do a chroot setup, like I did when I first put funtoo on the machine in question. Once done, I'll update that machine with binary packages I compile elsewhere. That should save a bit of wear and tear on the machine and its rather old and tired hard drives. I didn't choose the geek life. It chose me! Cheers, Pappy
  2. It appears this is not an openrc issue. Because of corruption, it seems the file that tells ./config where the preferred library path is, in my case, /usr/lib is not passing that information at configuration time. This is definitely the case, as I just installed kmod, and it dropped files destined for /usr/lib into /usr. Closer than openrc, to be sure, but still not right. So the question becomes where is that information stored in Funtoo? As precise as Funtoo is about what goes where path-wise, I'm sure there's a file with some jibberish that can't be parsed properly, and that causes
  3. The latest version of openrc (ver-0.12.4-r4) for some reason, dumps librc.so.1, libeinfo.so.1, and their links into /. I found out the error of this when this system decided not to boot. I got things to boot with a sysrescuecd, and manually copied the files into /usr/lib (tried /usr first, no go). I don't think it's a peculiarity with this system. That brings me to a second question. Is there a bugzilla here, or would I need to report this issue to gentoo's bugzilla? Just curious, because it's rather disconcerting when your computer won't boot after you get home from being out and about on a
  4. As a long-time Gentoo user, as well as the originator of the kernel seed idea, I can safely say that I like Funtoo a lot more than Gentoo. Firstly, they bought my web site. What's not to love about that? :) Seriously. The first thing I noticed and loved right off the bat was the git portage tree. Not only is it quicker and less taxing on an internet connection best described as crappy, it precludes the need for downloading portage to expand it where it belongs. Just open the stage-3, and tell it to emerge --sync. Viola! Instant portage tree where none existed before. When I ran into some cor
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