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  1. im using Gentoo because of the removal of multilib, but perhaps i will install it again in another drive, i heard about the Nvidia container, but what about Amd? i have a rx580 card, will the container be easier to set because amdgpu is in the kernel? will wine work as well as using multilib?
  2. Im very disappointed of removing multilib without a proper solution first. i did two things : i installed Gentoo in another Drive, and with Funtoo i didnt upgrade to kits 1.3 yet, i modified a overlay so i have Mesa 19, xorg server 1.20.4, i upgaded to kernel 5.0, and i still can play whatever i want, if they dont release a solution i will delete my Funtoo install and use my home with Gentoo easy as that, i posted a question about any news about the gpu passtrough and there was no answer if this is going to take the same time as the the new init they promised you ll have to look in another di
  3. i saw that librin.so.1 did a guide but its a liitle complex and i dont know if all game will work.
  4. I did this, as i have a three hard drives, i installed Gentoo in my secondary hard drive just in case the Gpu-accelerated container go down the toilet (to give me peace of mind) , i didnt upgrade to kits 1.3 yet, if i need a new package in Funtoo i get the ebuilds from Gentoo , ebuild packge.ebuild digest and then emerge that package, if the container work well and all my games work as were working with Funtoo 1.2 i will upgrade to kits 1.3 and keep it, if not ill copy the Gentoo partition to my primary disk and get done with Funtoo, sad but thats what i would do.
  5. Well in that case im thinking of saying goodbye to Funtoo, so it seems i ll have to install Gentoo, what a pity i really like Funtoo but i need multilib, or something that keep wine working.
  6. Hi, i didnt upgrade to kits 1.3 yet, but since upgrading to kits 1.3 means the removal of multilib i want to know something, if i install a 32 bit game using a 64 bit wine prefix, will the game work without multilib? will Lutris or Playonlinux work without multilib? i know that 32 bit support is a thing of the past and all that, but linux still hasnt a steam 64 bit client, mac has it but not linux, i just want to know if my games will work after migrating to kits 1.3. i just use Funtoo for everything and i want to know.
  7. What about Steam? https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/ac9f5s/any_news_of_steam_64_bit_version/ they make gnome 3 without systemd perhaps steam without multilib in 64 bit isnt impossible, Mac has a 64 bit steam why not linux?
  8. I was able to install mesa 18.2.3 with the help of user Otakku, telegram funtoo group can be very useful!! needed to update lots of packges including llvm and clang.
  9. please dont tell me to wait i need new version of mesa now latest version of mesa in kits 1.2 is 17.2.8 i copy a ebuild from Gentoo version 18.2.3 i updated lots of packes that were really old i did ebuild mesa-18.2.3 digest and then sudo emerge =mesa-18.2.3 i got this Calculating dependencies... done! emerge: there are no ebuilds built with USE flags to satisfy "dev-libs/ocl-icd[khronos-headers,abi_x86_32(-)?,abi_x86_64(-)?,abi_x86_x32(-)?,abi_mips_n32(-)?,abi_mips_n64(-)?,abi_mips_o32(-)?,abi_ppc_32(-)?,abi_ppc_64(-)?,abi_s390_32(-)?,abi_s390_64(-)
  10. i mean compared to Gentoo we have some very old packges is this going to be solved when Funtoo release version 1.3?
  11. i need newer version of mesa too, i just got a rx 580 and mesa 17.2.8 is too old.
  12. when we are going to get an update of glibc? if i build glibc 2.27r6 from Gentoo ebuild will i have problems with my system?
  13. mesa here is still in 17.2.8 i need 18.1.6 i think dxvk ask for newer version of mesa.
  14. Hi after reading this https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-5109?jql=text ~ "wxpython" i build wxGTK-3.0.4 i copy the ebuild file and Manifest, just installed wxGTK-3.0.4 without rebuilding playonlinux and i launched playonlinux without problems
  15. >>> Emerging (1 of 6) dev-java/tomcat-servlet-api-3::java-kit * Fetching files in the background. * To view fetch progress, run in another terminal: * tail -f /var/log/emerge-fetch.log >>> Downloading 'https://fastpull-us.funtoo.org/distfiles/jakarta-servletapi-src.tar.gz' --2018-05-20 19:29:35-- https://fastpull-us.funtoo.org/distfiles/jakarta-servletapi-src.tar.gz Resolving fastpull-us.funtoo.org..., 2001:470:4299:0:216:3eff:feb8:dd1d Connecting to fastpull-us.funtoo.org||:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Fou
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