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  1. I got it working after following THIS guide and making a few MINOR CHANGES. I'm tethered perfectly fine at the moment. I burned through 200 megs on youtube and it was smooth. The data useage for my cell phone went up 200 megs as it should BUT the tether data remained unchanged! SWEET! Unlimited text, voice and data for a flat 60 bucks a month and I get 65Mb download rate. YEAH!
  2. Thanks for the info. I tried the sudo linux/run.sh from the onset and it spits out an error right away. I looked at the line and the error has to do with too many ' I think. UPDATE--I forgot to check which version of python I was using. Remembered ye' ol' ESELECT and found that I had 3.3 in use and just used ESELECT to switch to 2.7 and ran ./configure again and it worked! MAKE is purring along right now. I'll report back on the result.
  3. My cellular plan allows for 8GB per month tethered data. I am planning on eliminating my other services for home internet and TV and will be switching to cell data only. My plan is 25GB and 8GB tethered/hotspot. I probably won't be going over too often but in case I do I don't want to get slowed down for a few days while waiting for my plan to reset. I have used ClockworkMod Tether and it works well. On my phone and my account info page on the web I have verified that this app allows me to use data without rooting the phone(normally I would do that but there is no STOCK firmware av
  4. And it's been great! Everything works well and it is lean, mean and stable. I have learned a good bit along the way. Thanks for all the work from the Funtoo team and to all the people that help out in the forums. I'd be lost without your help. Here's my list of links that I use regularly that may be helpful to another newb: THIS forum : http://forums.funtoo.org Funtoo Bugtracker: https://bugs.funtoo.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa Funtoo Home: http://www.funtoo.org Gentoo packages: https://packages.gentoo.org(good for finding out what USE flags are going to do)
  5. This should be stickied with a Title of HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR PROBLEM or something like that. Needs to be at the top of the forum maybe in a FAQ category so people can find it.
  6. You could just find a router that supports scheduling and/or parental controls. Create a schedule that only allows a 'whitelist' to school sites. You could look into OpenDNS. It's a good start I think. Plan on removing google though. I don't think there is ANYTHING that will prevent google search from locating games, porn, etc....that can be viewed no matter what app or hardware you are using to try to block this material(other than blocking media type extensions for every site). Google pulls in images to it's server then sends them to your PC when you search. It will probably
  7. I'll admit I'm new to Funtoo from Debian so excuse my ignorance. I understand the point you are making. Without the oneshot then it puts aalib in the world file and probably best to keep the world file as lean as possible. Good idea. I'll look into best practices and clean my world file. Thanks.
  8. I had already verified that nothing is pinned so I myself was confused about what he meant there. If I were to manually do: # USE="-dbus" emerge =app-editors/mousepad-0.3.0 A future world update would in effect automatically do: # emerge =app-editors/mousepad-0.4.0 and it automatically would toggle "-dbus" to "dbus" in the process as well. Nothing is pinned/frozen.
  9. I had the same problem two weeks ago and this: `Gpm_Wgetch' stood out in the build log. I don't use gpm so I just removed it and the emerge was successful.
  10. @j-g- I just was making a point that the quick fix is the -gpm flag. Obvious to me from his original post that he's not a newb to Funtoo so I felt fairly confident he would know about package.use and whether or not he wanted to make a change there. I gave a short concise answer because I didn't want to seem smug by talking too much. You're mistaken about 'pinning' if you are implying @world wouldn't update media-libs/aalib-1.4_rc5-r6 Personally I wouldn't add the 'media-libs/aalib -gpm' to my package.use to correct a bug. By the next update the issue will be resolved and I don't h
  11. # USE="-gpm" emerge =media-libs/aalib-1.4_rc5-r6 This should fix it for you.
  12. emerge update llvm and openrc and you'll be good. The nm crash on X has to do with file unmounting in openrc and it's fixed.
  13. I normally go to the Gentoo site and figure it out that way. :D
  14. Ahhh....the nuances of the somewhat overcomplicated overlays. The funtoo manual overlay section needs an update for sure. Here's what I did to make it 'proper': # mkdir /etc/portage/package.mask # mkdir /etc/portage/package.unmask I created two files in the package.mask directory. First one is compiz-emerald-lock with this inside: >dev-python/compizconfig-python-0.8.4-r5 >x11-libs/compiz-bcop-0.8.8 >x11-libs/compizconfig-backend-gconf-0.8.8 >x11-libs/libcompizconfig-0.8.8 >x11-plugins/compiz-plugins-extra-0.8.8 >x11-plugins/compiz-plugins-main-0.8.8 >x11-wm/compiz-0.
  15. Thanks for the critique. Funtoo newb here. I didn't have package.mask or package.unmask files/directories in my /etc/portage so that's why I put them in $PORTDIR after reading THIS. Will a file or directory work for package.mask and/or package.unmask in /etc/portage? Easy to test just wondering what's the best practice. I wasn't planning on making changes/updates to the files I pulled in from 'stuff' overlay so that's why I thought I could mask the files and remove the overlay rather than */*::stuff in package.mask.
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