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Is Funtoo dying?

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Let me first state I know its a small team and I really appreciate the efforts so far by that team to keep Funtoo up and running.  I've been a Gentoo user since 2001(?) and on Funtoo for the last number or years.  I think the team that give their time to help others are to be commended.  My intent on starting this thread is not to point fingers, complain or whine about the state of things, just to clarify how the future of Funtoo looks.

It seems Funtoo doesn't have too many package updates lately - while I am sure there are many reasons for this, it does seem quite different to the usual "pace" of updates with Funtoo 6 or so months ago, and certainly with Gentoo.  I'm about to build a new system and am wondering if I should go with Gentoo instead of Funtoo...?  It appears there is a lot more activity over there.

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Funtoo isn't dying.  Funtoo is changing just like it always has.  You know far better than we do what you want from your Linux distro so ask yourself if you have liked all of the past changes to Funtoo.  Then stick with it and have some faith in the wisdom of our BDFL.  If you don't like what you see in a year or two you can go to another distro and have not lost anything. 

I originally switched to Funtoo because too many things in Gentoo and Debian stayed the same.  Having bleeding edge packages wasn't why I used Gentoo.  It was because it gave me a greater degree of control than any other OS.  The reason I love Debian is because the stable release is always stable but unfortunately I have to give a lot of control to use it.  Funtoo can give me the control that I want and at the same time give me the stability that I need so I am keeping an open mind.

If you have the skills to contribute to the code base and improve things for all of us I encourage you to get involved.  If you are like me and couldn't write a program if your life depended on it then I encourage you donate a bit of money to Funtoo every month. 

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