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  1. snappahead

    Error syncing meta-repo

    Thanks for the guidance. Working as expected now.
  2. snappahead

    Error syncing meta-repo

  3. snappahead

    Error syncing meta-repo

    Yes - still getting the same error. I saw your announcement about the lang-kit. I'm pretty sure this error has been showing up for a couple of days on my end
  4. snappahead

    Error syncing meta-repo

    Having issues using ego sync. I'm not 100% sure when this first appeared - chances are I've messed something up unwittingly... Whenever I run ego sync I encounter an error: # ego-sync Syncing meta-repo fatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/1.1-prime There was an error syncing meta-repo. I think this means the remote git repo isn't available? Haven't been able to figure this out...
  5. snappahead

    Access Violation on emerge of dev-python/imaging

    Hey Oleg, Thanks for taking a look at it. I started troubleshooting again this morning. This was occurring in a chrooted environment. I booted into the OS and the error went away...I'm definitely not savvy enough with portage to explain why there was a difference, but it seems to have rectified itself.
  6. I can usually troubleshoot emerge errors after a bit of thinking and googling, but this one has me stumped. Anyone seen this before? >>> Source compiled. * --------------------------- ACCESS VIOLATION SUMMARY --------------------------- * LOG FILE: "/var/log/sandbox/sandbox-18339.log" * VERSION 1.0 FORMAT: F - Function called FORMAT: S - Access Status FORMAT: P - Path as passed to function FORMAT: A - Absolute Path (not canonical) FORMAT: R - Canonical Path FORMAT: C - Command Line F: unlink S: deny P: /sys/fs/cgroup/sem.AdPVho A: /sys/fs/cgroup/sem.AdPVho R: /sys/fs/cgroup/sem.AdPVho C: python2.7 setup.py build -b build-2.7 F: unlink S: deny P: /sys/fs/cgroup/sem.cnQVGD A: /sys/fs/cgroup/sem.cnQVGD R: /sys/fs/cgroup/sem.cnQVGD C: python3.3 setup.py build -b build-3.3 * --------------------------------------------------------------------------------