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  1. no sound in firefox-bin 59.0.02

    I haven't been using firefox in a while but it seems that your error is probably known and should be fixed with version 60: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/no-sound-firefox-59-linux
  2. Several problems on KDE-Plasma

    I think this error message is correct. If you followed the instructions of cafaia you probably mounted the efi partition /dev/sda like so: mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/funtoo/boot/efi That means your grub-install should use the probably look like this: grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id="Funtoo Linux [GRUB]" --recheck /dev/sdc as you mounted the efi partition too /boot/efi
  3. Several problems on KDE-Plasma

    Are you sure you have to boot from /dev/sda2? I have an EFI system as well but I don't boot from the EFI partition but from the root partition of my funtoo installation. For you that would probably be /dev/sdb3.
  4. Several problems on KDE-Plasma

    Just a small hint, use emerge -pv --depclean first, to see the list of what the depclean would remove. I personally don't let the system do a 'emerge --depclean'. I use the above command to see the list of possibly unneeded packages and, if I agree, remove them manually. If I wouldn't do that then the system would remove older versions of kernel-sources, which I still need (I always keep the last two kernel versions on my system). It also can be, that due to a change in the system, emerge looses the dependency for some packages (rarely happens) and would remove some packages that you might still need.
  5. Several problems on KDE-Plasma

    But did you install it with the correct USE flags? This package has several USE flags (see 'equery u kde4-l10n' for it). For italian you probably need to add l10n_it as USE flag. Besides that this package might not work for you if you have kde5 installed. But I am no kde user so that is all guessing. Another question: Did you reemerge the kde packages after changing the language settings?
  6. @sandro Good idea to set the use flag in package.use I wouldn't worry to much about 32bit versions. A lot of programs already support 64 and 32 bit. Before my switch to pure64 I had a multilib system as well and did not switch straight away (but you could do that, depending on the programs you need) but globally deactivated 32bit (-abi_x86_32) and looked what a complete rebuild would do. If there are some conflicts, because some programs really need 32bit, then you can add it to package.use I found out that, for the programs I use, I don't need 32bit and switched to pure64 then. But that all depends on the individual configuration. But even when you still have some programs that really need 32bit you shouldn't have problems (unless it is a dependency from another 32bit program) as you are already running a mixed system. This also gives you more control over the packages.
  7. Ok, that log looks like the one @franklyfrank got and the one in the gentoo bug. Seems like it is only a bug for 32bit, that is why I have no problem installing it. As the gentoo bug is already tagged as resolved we have to wait until the patch is also applied in funtoo. Until then the workaround of installing vulkan-loader- is good.
  8. Even if you couldn't find a cause, maybe you could confirm that your build log errors look the same as the one @franklyfrank provided in the bug report. Then we would already one reason, why it seems to work for me. I have pure64 system, so there are no 32bit compilations going on. Also there is another difference here. My USE flags are +X and +wayland and no systemd on my funtoo installation. My USE flags for wayland are: "-doc" and "-static-libs"
  9. Several problems on KDE-Plasma

    About the internationalization and localization in KDE. Maybe these sites can help: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/KDE/it#Localization https://l10n.kde.org/
  10. But the question is still open: What is the error for vulkan-loader1.0.54.0? I can install it without problems, so it should be a configuration problem or a different system setting.
  11. I can install it without problem. It would help if you could provide more input, like e.g. the build log.
  12. yes oleg is right. I am using clang-6.0.0 and gcc-6.4.0. I have attached my results to the bug above.
  13. Currently I have installed chromium-64.0.3282.167. With the newer versions now available in the tree I wanted to upgrade. But every version newer than 64.0.3282.167 fails on the "last" step: My guess would be a problem regarding to clang. As neither clang nor llvm were installed on my system before this. Has anyone an idea what the cause could be? The internet was not much help so far. backtrace.txt
  14. [Solved]New Install sys-boot/os-prober 404

    Did you follow all the instructions from cardinal? When I do it, it works. If it does not work for you, could you post the complete output of the commands you are doing?
  15. gentoo sources kernel help and questions

    Maybe https://www.funtoo.org/Microcode will help with the microcode. For SATA/PATA I would start with the basic ones: Device Drivers/Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers AHCI SATA support ATA SFF support ATA BMDMA support AMD/NVidia PATA support Device Drivers/SCSI device support SCSI device support SCSI disk support SCSI CDROM support And you can probably find the config for the debian kernel under /etc/kernel.