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  1. Thanks @cardinal. I hadn't seen that the numpy ebuilds had been added to funtoo-1.3 as well.
  2. I have no problem emerging dev-python/numpy-1.17.0_rc1 on any of my systems. It is quite happy with EAPI 7. And for cinnamon. That really needs either python 3.4 or 3.5, as you can see in the output: So your solution for that was correct. It seems that this version of cinnamon also seems to work with python 3.6 but as this version of cinnamon is rather dated, it might make more sense to upgrade to a newer version. And if you get errors while doing a world upgrade lile "emerge -uavDN @world" it is always helpful to isolate the problem by just trying to emerge the problematic package by itself. In your case that would mean to just try to emerge numpy by itself first.
  3. Which USE flags do you mean? The ones for surf?
  4. I personally set only those USE flags globally that I want to be set for all packages, if they are not already set by the chosen profile. If I want to change a USE flag from the default for just a few packages I use package.use but I try to keep that to a minimum.
  5. Do you have set the gtk USE flag for the gcr package? You need that to get the file gcr-3.pc
  6. It seems that the virtual memory is the problem here, as this is the error message in the log. And qtwebkit needs a lot of resources and time to compile. I have compiled that package a few times in the last days without problem. So it works. Try to extend the virtual memory.
  7. net-wireless/crda-3.18-r2 installs fine with libressl It would be easier to judge your statements if you would give more information about your system and the error messages you get.
  8. See https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-6429
  9. jhan

    gvfs won't compile

    My guess would be that this package is the culprit. It would be interesting to see what would happen if you get that /usr/include/util.h out of the way, if the emerge of gvfs will complete successfully then. Besides it seems that there have been quite some updates to libqmartixclient including the removal of QPointer from util.h. Could you try that out in some way? Renaming /usr/include/util.h or moving it away temporarily should be enough for that.
  10. jhan

    gvfs won't compile

    I can't reproduce that error but I have a guess. The error message says: /usr/include/util.h:21:10: fatal error: QtCore/QPointer: No such file or directory Interestingly I can't find that file here. I can find a lot of util.h but none in that location. Can you check what you get with 'equery b util.h' ?
  11. It seems that the download location has changed. The current version can be found at https://github.com/zdohnal/system-config-printer/archive/1.5.11.tar.gz
  12. jhan

    gvfs won't compile

    Interesting. Do you get the same error as mentioned above or another? Because the file QPointer is part of qtcore and should be available if qtcore is installed. You could confirm that with 'equery b QPointer'.
  13. jhan

    gvfs won't compile

    It seems you are missing the qtcore package.
  14. Have you run 'ego sync'? What is the output of 'equery m nodejs'? What funtoo release are you running?
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