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  1. Github provide nice GraphQL API link for interactive explorer https://developer.github.com/v4/explorer/ Idea is simple: can we create tool, that bump versions of github hosted packets?
  2. This overlay for funtoo 1.2 updated up to Mate 1.20.4 Good choice for arm boards, all my asus tinkerboards with Mate DE 1.20 since august 2018. Next version Mate 1.22 (release month ago) in different new overlay for funtoo 1.3 and funtoo 1.2 https://github.com/safulkin/mate-122 Work in progress. few issues. Declared new features not tested (wayland, elogind)
  3. This settings looks fine. few basic tests. ping is it ok? or 100% loss? ifconfig check that eth1 RX packets is not 0. if RX packets is 0 then cisco managed switch block all traffic, or cable plugged in wrong port, or something wrong with switch configuration for this port (something like VLAN, ACL) ping is it ok? or 100% loss? arp -n any arp records for network on interface eth1?
  4. I know just few tricks. Check KDE Session settings on login. switch from "resume session" to "new session". Check KDE Services, that start with KDE. turn off something useless. System hibernation (suspend to disk) also great option for KDE.
  5. asus tinkerboard (arm32 armv7a_neonvfpv4_hardfp) funtoo 1.3 use 10% less memory, 10% more memory efficient. One host funtoo 1.3 minimal flavour + nginx = just 49M RAM, good response time. Another host funtoo 1.3 with Mate 1.20 Desktop Enviroment (from my overlay), < 170M RAM. (funtoo 1.2 with Mate 1.20 ~193M RAM). Mate DE support gtk+ up to 3.22, so I disable native mate themes and use shipped with gtk+ 3.24 themes adwaita and adwaita dark. and it works :)
  6. PORTAGE_NICENESS="19" this parameter lower portage threads priority and system remain responsible EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--jobs 2 --load-average 4" --jobs limit amount of parallel running jobs. --load-average for soft limiting overall CPU load average. In practice, with --load-average 4 htop tool show actual load average between 3.5 and 8.5 Tune this parameters, try just one or two jobs and load average less then amount of CPU cores. Do You have swap partition? I have 4 Gb swap partition. Swap partition solve out-of-memory build faults.
  7. I am asus tinkerboard single board computer enthusiast. Funtoo work great with many single board computers. Reason why stage3 stuck in GCC version. latest in tree gcc-7.3.1-r3 build fail on arm architecture, but previous gcc-7.3.1 work fine. So solution steps is: begin with latest stage3 mask broken version =sys-devel/gcc-7.3.1-r3 in Your /etc/portage/package.mask perform 1.2 upgrade steps with official Funtoo upgrade instruction https://www.funtoo.org/Upgrade_Instructions
  8. firefox-62 also wants unavaible version 1.29.1 of rust(and cargo), but latest rust is 1.25. i think firefox-62 require lot of version bumps in dependencies. so, as temporary solution today, i mask in my package.mask >=www-client/firefox-62 firefox 60 and firefox 61 is good enough for me.
  9. Firefox ESR 52.9 end-of-life is 2018 September 5, no further updates will be offered for that version. Next ESR version is 60.1. But Firefox Quantum 60.1 and 61.0 only for amd64 and x86. Did anyone successfully build Firefox Quantum on any other architecture? I'm experimenting on asus tinkerboard last few weeks, found and solve few issues, but not done yet.
  10. Here is Mate DE 1.20 https://github.com/safulkin/mate-120 Ebuild's versions updated according http://pub.mate-desktop.org/releases/1.20/ One ebuild edited (mate-base/mate-applets): invest-applet removed from Mate 1.20. It works fine. No more glitches with fonts, icons, shadows and desktop backgrounds.
  11. I'm Mate DE user on armv7a (asus tinkerboard SBC) and few amd64. Mate 1.18 have some issues after gtk+ upgrade. Some minor random issues with fonts, icons, shadows, backgrounds . Old ebuilds and eclasses is tarball from homesite, not from github. Gentoo tree don't have ebuilds of Mate 1.20 release. Calculate have Mate 1.20. I'm experimenting, trying to fix ebuild fails in my local overlay. My English is not good enough to be maintainer of Mate DE.
  12. I found solution in history of mate-themes-meta-3-r2.ebuild on github. Old versions contain this lines in RDEPEND ( =x11-libs/gtk+-3.20*:3 =x11-themes/mate-themes-3.20${MATE_THEMES_V}:0/3.20 ) I put this deleted lines back to mate-themes-meta-3-r2.ebuild and it's work. May be this solve bug FL-5079?
  13. I have this issue on arm (armv7-neonhfv4) and amd64: emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "=x11-libs/gtk+-3.22*:3". (dependency required by "x11-themes/mate-themes-meta-3-r2::desktop-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "mate-base/mate-1.18::desktop-kit[themes]" [ebuild]) As temporary solution I disable themes in /etc/portage/package.use mate-base/mate -themes
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