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  1. Let me first state I know its a small team and I really appreciate the efforts so far by that team to keep Funtoo up and running. I've been a Gentoo user since 2001(?) and on Funtoo for the last number or years. I think the team that give their time to help others are to be commended. My intent on starting this thread is not to point fingers, complain or whine about the state of things, just to clarify how the future of Funtoo looks. It seems Funtoo doesn't have too many package updates lately - while I am sure there are many reasons for this, it does seem quite different to the usual
  2. I installed it via flatpak and it is working without issue
  3. Thanks for the guidance. Working as expected now.
  4. Yes - still getting the same error. I saw your announcement about the lang-kit. I'm pretty sure this error has been showing up for a couple of days on my end
  5. Having issues using ego sync. I'm not 100% sure when this first appeared - chances are I've messed something up unwittingly... Whenever I run ego sync I encounter an error: # ego-sync Syncing meta-repo fatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/1.1-prime There was an error syncing meta-repo. I think this means the remote git repo isn't available? Haven't been able to figure this out...
  6. Hey Oleg, Thanks for taking a look at it. I started troubleshooting again this morning. This was occurring in a chrooted environment. I booted into the OS and the error went away...I'm definitely not savvy enough with portage to explain why there was a difference, but it seems to have rectified itself.
  7. I can usually troubleshoot emerge errors after a bit of thinking and googling, but this one has me stumped. Anyone seen this before? >>> Source compiled. * --------------------------- ACCESS VIOLATION SUMMARY --------------------------- * LOG FILE: "/var/log/sandbox/sandbox-18339.log" * VERSION 1.0 FORMAT: F - Function called FORMAT: S - Access Status FORMAT: P - Path as passed to function FORMAT: A - Absolute Path (not canonical) FORMAT: R - Canonical Path FORMAT: C - Command Line F: unlink S: deny P: /sys/fs/cgroup/sem.AdPVho A: /sys/fs/cgroup/sem.AdPVho R: /sys/fs/cgroup/se
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