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About tty resolution




I have a monitor 27 "(1920x1080) (Hex code 34D for tty in 1920x1080'x32) with my nVidia GTX 660 ..

I use nvidia-drivers.

I would like to know how to exploit this resolution possibly acting on /boot/grub/grub.cfg, passing through /etc/boot.conf, or how to change the file /boot/grub/grub.cfg to have my desired resolution.


Many thanks for any suggestions _'_


Hello to all :)

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The command that you have written me work "partially"

I see the "grub2" screen in high resolution; But I see a black screen when the system boots. .

So ... I can not see the tty also after the "boot".

I have tried to impose a lower resolution.

But ... nothing to do.

Probably missing some string (command): |


I do not know if I have to operate on the / etc / default / grub or if this does not help.


In Fedora to have plymouth, add it to the kernel line voice vga = 0x34D (which precisely corresponds to 1920x1080x32).


Anyway Thanks for the suggestion :)

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