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  1. Where is gfxmode set when you do ego boot update It keeps going to 640x480. Also when I build grub myself, the grub-mkconfig outputs a vastly different file than ego does. How can I fix this?
  2. engineer

    Where is gfxmode set when you do ego boot update?

    That did the trick! Thank you.
  3. engineer

    System resurrection Page

    Install has more options and is designed for packages to use. Mkdir just makes a simple directory; it's like "install-lite".
  4. engineer

    lvm trips up grub

    I was getting "failed to connect to lvmetad", so I tried the (theoretically inert) fix of taking "noauto" away from my boot line in /etc/fstab. The error is gone. So I put the "noauto" back in, and it is still "fixed". Is there some one-time function that needs to read /boot when a new kernel is built?
  5. engineer

    no xdm after upgrade to 1.3

    Try emerge --autounmask-write x11-base/xorg-x11
  6. So I got the 11-20 stage3 for Haswell, removed /lib43,/usr/lib32, and /usr/src/lib32, removed lib32 from env.d and generated a new ld.so.conf. I had to emerge sys-kernel/{debian-sources-lts, genkernel, linux-firmware}, sys-firmware/intel-micocode, sys-apps/iucode_tool, and grub. This gave me a working Core, so (after a backup) I ran 'epro flavor desktop'. I was required to emerge dev-python/{pygments, pyyaml} [could this be included in desktop flavor?], and eselect fontconfig to add 60-liberation.conf (for some reason). Now the 'genkernel all' is failing on gnupg. I tried emerging app-crypt/gnupg but it didn't fix the error. The final error is 'Failed to compile the "" target'. The actual errors seem to revolve around statically linked apps requiring runtime libraries, which is why I went through the preamble above about having removed all the lib32s prior to first compile. I don't know how to resolve library issues here. Please help.
  7. engineer

    Ego 1.3 core -> desktop fail

    Ah. "Things I could have been told YESTERDAY!" I didn't see the other one - was it there on the 18th? If I redo this install and gnupg fails I'm going to be pretty mad... have you done a simple core to desktop update on a core i5?
  8. engineer

    Testing 1.3

    OK I fixed this. So I got into the grub editor and changed the name of the kernels manually to get it to boot. Then I did an ego boot update which failed. I then remembered the emerge grub part and did that. When I looked up it was like the matrix on my screen as a billion lines of code went by. Why doesn't make change the text color to shades of green when i use the --matrix option??!!? I used etc-update to merge /etc/default/grub changes. Now "ego boot update" worked, tho with warning I must digest. Things I notice: the search line has updated disk ID, and it found the old kernels which boot-update never did. Oh - and KDE doesn't start. /etc/conf.d/xdm has DISPLAYMANAGER="sddm" but there's plenty of --depclean stuff yet to be done. So thanks for the help, guys, I can boot again!! _Eng
  9. engineer

    Testing 1.3

    My problems are these: I can't boot because grub lists an invalid efi file, and choosing it gives an error. So I boot a LiveCD and chroot in. When I run 'ego boot update' I get an "ERROR: couldn't find grub-probe" Emerge grub says "fails to validate /dev - may be a broken '/dev/fd'". I don't know how to fix this.
  10. engineer

    Testing 1.3

    I don't know how to update the grub tho. The kernels in boot are all LTS 4.9.130, but grub.cfg says genkernel 4.14.12. I don't remember modifying grub.cfg so I wonder if there is a tool I need to run?