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Plasma 5.4


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i dont see profile for plasma here:



The kde mix-is is optimised for KDE SC 4 not KDE Plasma 5. While setting this for KDE Plasma 5 is probably helpful additional global USE flags in /etc/portage/make.conf and package-specific USE flags in /etc/portage/package.use will be required.


There have been proposals for a KDE Plasma 5 mix-in (see https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-2373) however this is currently work-in-progress.

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Hi Astate, i hope not to bored You !

but install 

# emerge eix


# eix-update


# eix-sync (that is equal to emerge --sync && eix-update)

So You can interrogate the eix db (that is faster than emerge -S (--search)


I think is a very nice utility.


If You want to use kde versions > kde 4.X

I thik You must use "layman"

# emerge layman
# layman -L
# layman -a kde
# echo "source /var/lib/layman/make.conf">> /etc/portage/make.conf

then when you'll make 

# eix-update, it will be equal to 
# emerge --sync && layman -S

so you can re-interogate eix with

# eix kde-meta
# eix-kde-plasma 

and so on .....


Thiis are a normal prcedure; but it is possible that you encountered troubles. Now I'm making an experiment with these commands to give you a feedback.



mmmmh at this moment i have not found an overlay with KDE 5.X .

May be that i wrote, for you are jsut comprised.

Unfortunately I have not found overlays that have kde5.X
Perhaps what I wrote you know him already.
Sorry for not being able to give a solution. :(
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[ot] this is an off-topic ...... but i want to tell about my thought:


Times ago I search for "bleedind edges softwares" :)


I'm started in may 2008 to use Linux with Fedora.

Once I've comprised some information about shell i'll search for a source-based system to have a really optimized system for my PC.


Then I falled in love with Gentoo..... Then Funtoo (reading the history of Gentoo, i've comprised that the Genius who invented Portage was Daniel :P ; such as "martial arts" I've found the master :) )


But Now I prefer to have a stable and affidable system. (really i've either "Stable and current" Funtoo ... to see the differencies of my preferred OS :P


but not necessary old packages (or ebuilds in our case) are better than new packages; the "pro" of old packages is that they are used and have most reports about their functionality.


There are more variables and a lot of "why" or "how" !


It seems like Bruce Lee when it invented the "Jeet Kune Do - Kung Fu" :D :D :D


ecuse for my offf topic.


A friend of mine studied philosophy. Now, it creates customized Software for "Vittoria Assicurazioni" in Italy; but he use windows ......

And this friend tells to me that in the "world" of inphormatics are welcome persons that have studied Philosophy...... cause they are able to create high-level algorithms ....... (but it is necessary also the "technician" that is able to translate the High level language in low-level language (assembly).


If I'm wrong .... excuse me for this thought.


(and excuse for my non perfectly transparent US Language) :|


If i wrote with errors ... please cerrect me.

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A new mix-in has been added to Funtoo Linux specifically for KDE Plasma 5.  :)


Installing KDE Plasma 5 (kde-plasma/plasma-meta)? Add the new mix-in kde-plasma-5.


Installing KDE Plasma 4/KDE SC 4 (kde-base/kde-meta)? Add the existing mix-in kde.


Do not add both at the same time. They are not configured to be combined.  ;)

(See www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Profiles for help on adding or removing mix-ins.)


I have started a general guide for installing the KDE Plasma Desktop (4 or 5) on Funtoo Linux - www.funtoo.org/KDE_Plasma_Desktop.


The previously mentioned KDE Plasma 5 guide (www.funtoo.org/KDE_Plasma_5) remains as this provides instructions for installing KDE Plasma 5 with ebuilds from an external repository (overlay).




N.B.: KDE Plasma 5 is really nice however I do experience occasional crashes/segmentation faults. If stability is critical then consider sticking with KDE Plasma 4 (KDE SC 4) for the time being.  ;)

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