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Search Term Length Restriction

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Like too many forums, this one has a minimum length for search terms. Here it seems to be four letters. While I understand the reasoning behind the restriction, it is like killing flies with dynamite. You may get the undesired fly, but you cause a whole lot of other problems in the process. 


For instance, there are a lot of short tech terms that do not appear in general literature, and can't be found using the forum search feature, even though it is the only reasonable way to find information on the subject. For example, we cannot search on Qt, not even Qt5. Why not? It is a  perfectly reasonable search term and is needlessly banned because it is only two or three letters.


There needs to be more discrimination in the banning process. Can something be done to change this?


Consider these too, all terms that should be searchable.















I'm sure there are others.

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