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  1. Grub is capable of auto detecting OSes, so it may not be an issue from the Funtoo side. I need to get the rest of Funtoo installed before I go any further, though.
  2. Well, updating grub on sda did not work. It could not find Funtoo. I didn't have the patience to dig into PCBSD's grub configuration, so I proceeded to install grub on Funtoo's drive, which resulted in changing the bios settings on my desktop. :angry: The machine now boots into Funtoo, but there is no entry for PCBSD. Apparently, there is a lot I don't know about UEFI bioses and booting. I found the setting in the bios that controls which drive is used for booting. The Funtoo installation had changed it. I changed it back to sda and PCBSD booted OK, but still no joy on booting Funtoo fr
  3. I just had exactly the same thing happen. Close scrutiny of my /etc/conf.d/netif.eth0 configuration file revealed I had fat fingered the IP. I had two numbers transposed. So much for my carefully reviewing what I had typed before saving the file. :angry: Anyway, it works now. :)
  4. Like too many forums, this one has a minimum length for search terms. Here it seems to be four letters. While I understand the reasoning behind the restriction, it is like killing flies with dynamite. You may get the undesired fly, but you cause a whole lot of other problems in the process. For instance, there are a lot of short tech terms that do not appear in general literature, and can't be found using the forum search feature, even though it is the only reasonable way to find information on the subject. For example, we cannot search on Qt, not even Qt5. Why not? It is a perfectly rea
  5. OK, thanks. I will continue the installation once I get a chance. If all goes well, I will mark this solved.
  6. Hi, new user here. I am installing Funtoo on an otherwise empty 1 TB drive, sdb. The other drive, sda, boots PC-BSD via grub. Both drives have GPT partition tables and the system boots with UEFI. Sda is a 250 GB SSD and is full. The Funtoo installation will take up about 200 GB on sdb, a conventional drive. Despite a whole lot of Googling, I cannot determine the best practice in this instance. Do I install grub in the second (sdb) drive as part of the Funtoo install, or do I skip that step when I get to it and simply update grub on sda only. Second question. I got this after doi
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