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What is the proper way to use Gentoo ebuilds?



I've discovered, that Funtoo repos or kits how they called are missing tons of packages available elsewhere.

As an example FreeCAD is not available. Obviously there are ebuilds from Gentoo, where the most software I am missing does exist.

How do I properly according to new Funtoo 1.4 concept/ideology with meta-repo and kits make Gentoo portage tree available?

Please point me to updated docu or howto. Everything I have found was outdated.


I would believe it is something simple/trivial and already done by many if not by all, cause Funtoo portage tree

is quite limited. I could mess up the things myself, but would like first to listen to more experienced people,

cause the whole concept with kits is not clear to me yet. Thanks in advance.

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45 minutes ago, jhan said:

If you are asking how to incorporate local overlays into funtoo you can find information

How that would help me to get complete Gentoo portage tree?

I have no intentions to make my own overlay. I see no purpose yet.

The question is rather how to put gentoo portage tree as a kit inside of meta-repo

or add another meta-repo for Gentoo.

One could use the standard portage tree, but then I have to point to Funtoo to look for ebuild there.

In the past I was just using Gentoo tree and overlays with layman. Was clear and simple.


Here with git-based tree I am lost somehow. From one side git is flexible and kits mostly work like

overlays in Gentoo, but from other side it's just another solid bundle, which cannot be split apart.

I could not find a way to remove games-kit for example. That one is always syncing even if all mentions of it removed from repo.conf

Because it is not transparent how to remove the kit, it is not transparent either how to add one.

What was the point to split portage tree apart into kits remained puzzle to me.

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59 minutes ago, jhan said:

And you can also always submit pull request for ebuilds missing in funtoo via bugs.funtoo.org

There is much more simple way. Funtoo developers could just copy over here ALL the ebuilds from Gentoo.

It's trivial and does not require any special request.

Submit a pull request for each ebuild I am missing is the same like delete a file one byte in a time.

(doesn't look like a sane behaviour - if the analogy was not clear)


P.S. I am very afraid, that my next question might be how to convert Funtoo installation to Gentoo.

I am still missing Gentoo of it's early days... But the people's wisdom is suggesting me one can't step into the same river twice.

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

@lefsha Funtoo *does* include ALL ebuilds from Gentoo -- I think it is just a matter of trying to understand the difference between Funtoo and Gentoo.

Funtoo Linux 1.4 is based on a 21 Jun 2019 snapshot of Gentoo Linux, plus a variety of package updates in selected areas. Such as: GNOME 3.32, gcc 9.2.0 default, latest mesa, libglvnd enabled by default, Debian kernels, nginx, mariadb, other server packages, etc, etc. updated by me as well as Funtoo Users. So think "Funtoo = Gentoo snapshot + goodies."

In general, you should have everything in Gentoo automatically, at least what was in Gentoo at the time of the snapshot. And key areas of Funtoo that users wanted updates for -- they submitted pull requests to code.funtoo.org to update these packages.

If a package is out of date, no problem -- submit a pull request (PR) to code.funtoo.org, and it will be updated.

When we start Funtoo Linux 2.0 development, we will use a Gentoo snapshot from late 2019 as the foundation for the next release. The goal is to do this every 3 months. We are working on picking up the pace of our release model and things are starting to move very, very quickly, so I wouldn't worry too much about Funtoo being 'behind' Gentoo. See https://forums.funtoo.org/topic/2998-14-even-more-new-stuff/ for info on what has been added in the last 20 days.

Funtoo Linux is a semi-rolling release, with actual true releases. Once you get used to it, it shouldn't be an issue, but maybe a pull request is in your future?



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