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1.4 -- Even More New Stuff

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

There has been a lot of updates to Funtoo Linux 1.4 since its release -- most of these not officially announced. So it would be a good idea to make an official announcement of many of them:

  • SELinux Updates
  • Firefox and Firefox-bin 69, updated thunderbird.
  • New gfxcard-nvidia-legacy mix-in for older drivers.
  • Updated NVIDIA drivers to latest releases.
  • Conky updated.
  • kde-plasma merge fixes.
  • mesa merge fixes and version bump.
  • ffpmeg updated to latest release, with fixes for arm-64bit.
  • Latest Spotify release added.
  • Openrc net-online major improvements.
  • New Language added: crystal (check it out)
  • debian-sources/debian-sources-lts updates and now compile using your -march settings (since custom-cflags is now enabled by default.) Prior to this they compiled using generic 64-bit optimizations on x86-64bit.
  • New encrypted-root mix-in to be used to enable LUKS in genkernel/debian-sources(-lts). To use, enable this mix-in and re-build your debian-sources(-lts) kernel.
  • Rust-kit is now at 1.37-prime
  • New dev-lua/lua and fixes for lua-using packages. Ebuilds using lua-5.2+ should use the new dev-lua/lua ebuild (not the legacy dev-lua/lua.)
  • fwupd bumped to 1.3.1
  • nginx, nginx-unit, dovecot, php, mariadb
  • vivaldi updated
  • dovecot updated
  • Anything I forgot? Follow up in this discussion thread.

MANY OF THESE FIXES WERE SUBMITTED BY OUR USERS! Thanks to bcowan, perfinion, jhan, tux, tczaude, KlipKyle, scottfurry and anyone I forgot to mention for making Funtoo better for everyone ? ? ?

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