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  1. There is much more simple way. Funtoo developers could just copy over here ALL the ebuilds from Gentoo. It's trivial and does not require any special request. Submit a pull request for each ebuild I am missing is the same like delete a file one byte in a time. (doesn't look like a sane behaviour - if the analogy was not clear) P.S. I am very afraid, that my next question might be how to convert Funtoo installation to Gentoo. I am still missing Gentoo of it's early days... But the people's wisdom is suggesting me one can't step into the same river twice.
  2. How that would help me to get complete Gentoo portage tree? I have no intentions to make my own overlay. I see no purpose yet. The question is rather how to put gentoo portage tree as a kit inside of meta-repo or add another meta-repo for Gentoo. One could use the standard portage tree, but then I have to point to Funtoo to look for ebuild there. In the past I was just using Gentoo tree and overlays with layman. Was clear and simple. Here with git-based tree I am lost somehow. From one side git is flexible and kits mostly work like overlays in Gentoo,
  3. I've discovered, that Funtoo repos or kits how they called are missing tons of packages available elsewhere. As an example FreeCAD is not available. Obviously there are ebuilds from Gentoo, where the most software I am missing does exist. How do I properly according to new Funtoo 1.4 concept/ideology with meta-repo and kits make Gentoo portage tree available? Please point me to updated docu or howto. Everything I have found was outdated. I would believe it is something simple/trivial and already done by many if not by all, cause Funtoo portage tree is quite limi
  4. Have checked the ebuild and can't believe my eyes. Now firefox depends on gcc, clang, rust... How about golang, haskel, js, php and of course Java tm? When to expect them? P.S. clang USE flag is unset, gcc is used for compilation but clang installed anyway. What's wrong with this world?
  5. In general my suggestion, please, try to keep the dependencies at bare minimum. If I wish to have a bloatware I could easily install Ubuntu or any kind of similar distro. Please, think of your users. Those with 99% probability know what they are looking here for. If the whole concept of Gentoo/Funtoo based on source code and USE flags for optional components including, then please offer exactly that. If the end result will be similar to Arch - honestly I will be using Arch. Do not decide for the user what he "might" need. You simply can't. Any direct dependency or the one c
  6. Well, it was not the case just for the previous kernel version. sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.19.67_p2 was just fine without genkernel. "The zfs flag is only useful if you're building the binary debian-sources" - IS wrong. Try to prove the opposite. Pushing zfs-kmod with zfs USE flags is exactly what IS expected and desired. There is NO relation between zfs-kmod and genkernel. Genkernel is an utility which is fully optional to build kernel. I have never used it and have no plans to start. It's OK to offer it as consequence of USE=binary, but pushing it with zfs USE
  7. OK. Seems like there is a separate package for that to overcome circular dependencies, but why that one is not included as makdep to build other packages... Added info: I am using 1.4 Some packages depend on mesa. And it's not enough to have just mesa while headers are not included. In general it looks like looking for troubles instead of solving anything. headers of the same package cannot create a circular dependency with that package - it's trivial. Is drobins aware of that?
  8. While emerging mesa it fails to install /usr/include/EGL/*.h, KHR/*.h and others... Hm. I've got a concern about quality of Funtoo. Way too many bugs discovered in too short time to my taste. would be Gentoo on pair with that - ebuilds are mainly copied to Funtoo or there is some one who modify them?
  9. x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf should have dev-libs/gobject-introspection as a standard dependency otherwise it won't build or may be some config flags have to be changed to avoid an issue. thx.
  10. Hi all, With a recent sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.19.67_p2-r1 kernel update suddenly binary and therefore genkernel is required if USE=zfs is set. How to disable that dependency? "The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied: custom-cflags? ( binary ) zfs? ( binary )" That requirement doesn't make any sense to me. Please keep some freedom at least in Funtoo/Gentoo. Thx.
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