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I was working on a Debian machine some days ago.

There I had to use grub2-mkconfig to let Grub scan for OSs installed and create a config file.

It seems like this is normal Grub behaviour and not an addon from the Debian guys.


Back on funtoo I was checking out "grub-mkconfig". However it just created a comment, and not a working grub conf.


I know in funtoo we use boot-update. But I wondered why the "normal grub" behaviour does not work, even seems to be disabled.




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I think I have to bump this one.


grub2-mkconfig sucks.

Use boot-update it works perfectly. Or edit grub.cfg directly.


That's a matter of taste I think. I come from Gentoo to Funtoo and the only problem I had so far is that Funtoo has no working grub-mkconfig. Is there a way to install normal Grub from Gentoo?

I have a quite complex grub.cfg with my own theme and stuff and never had big problems using grub-mkconfig. But boot-update is no option because it lacks support for all those things how it seems. A USE flag would be nice fpr grub to diable this boot-update stuff und use the normal grub-mkconfig!

Any solution to this!?

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