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Ravenports by Marino, Opinions?


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Before  Ravenports Marino created a port building tool called synth   programed in Ada Languaje for FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD, i tried it and it was much better than portmaster , it would be nice if Daniel, Oleg, Palica talk with Marino, perhaps new ideas will come, or something to improve portage (which is great) even  more...

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Same guy that made synth: Verrrieeee-eeenterrresting. I used ports directly in FreeBSD and the control on all the compiler options was great except that I didn't know what I was doing, with the compiler options or whatever. I have a new appreciation for inter-package configuration parameters. Never actually got to using synth. That was the next planned step. My old tower sounds like half a jet engine, which does not help me figure out how to configure FreeBSD.

However, that OP link sorta answers my question on why Gentoo/Funtoo (but not Ubuntu) has a limited selection of old python packages: "Python modules are similar to perl, but are more volatile." That's saying something. Perl fundamentally violates every language design principle I was ever taught for being a pet 'natural' schitzo language. I'm studying PHP and tentatively learning to hate it as well, but everybody uses it. Here's a thought: design the language grammar first from the perspective of a philosopher, i.e. a real Ph.D. Fit application domain last, by redesign iterations as convenient.

It seems that Gentoo has declined in popularity, which suggests to me (as only a guess) less upstream package support for Funtoo. I'm not the only one afraid to update it seems. Has the Linux Bazaar become too bizarre? Is Gentoo running on a skeleton crew with no superstar. I'm too technically perplexed to do anything but guess, as always. Were things easier to navigate up to about 5 or 10 years ago? I had to take a hiatus. All very eiinterreszting.

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