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  1. @ennui sorry don't have access to funtoo infrastructure anymore. you'll have to wait for drobbins to answer this one.
  2. probably missing ipv6 connectivity on the second one
  3. palica

    LXD Network Setup

    well, lxd init should actually propose to create a lxdbr0 interface that will be used for network inside containers. if you have missed or skipped that part I recommend to go back and try again as it is the easiest thing to do. so basically you need a bridge interface in the host so the containers can attach to it and you should get internet through your host. if you need any help contact me on IRC
  4. most of the stuff gets announced https://forums.funtoo.org/forum/5-news-and-announcements/ available are always only the branches that are part of the release. 1.3-release is now release as beta quality. so test it out and report any bugs that you encounter. some of the branches get named after the release some are named after the version of the software they are incorporating like kde-5.12 gnome-3.26 perl-5.26 python-3.7 ... and others just have many different software and are simply named 1.3-release. there is no other description visible using currently available funtoo tools.
  5. thank you for your positive and friendly answers. I explained to you that 1.3-release branches will show up once you switch to 1.3-release, 5.12-prime is there from 1.2-release and master branch is a remnant of 1.0-release (at that time called 1.0-prime) here are the definitions that are used for kit generation, maybe that will answer your question https://github.com/funtoo/kit-fixups/blob/master/modules/fixups/foundations.py there is not a simple way of switching to a different branch of a kit (1.3-release for kde-kit) without actually switching the whole release = all kit
  6. so you looked at github and explored git locally - no sign of ego kit list here. You wonder if there is a way to do it with ego or any funtoo specific command -> ego kit list 1.3-release will show once you switch to 1.3-release in ego.conf [global] release = 1.3 the stability tag: current - tracking gentoo prime - somehow seen as good for production anything else - alpha, beta, dev => not good for production if you are not a developer
  7. ~ ❯❯❯ ego kit list kit is active? branch stability core-kit active 1.2-prime prime core-hw-kit active master current security-kit active 1.2-prime prime xorg-kit 1.17-prime prime active 1.19-prime prime 1.20-release dev gnome-kit active 3.20-prime prime
  8. https://github.com/matijaskala/metro-1 https://slontoo.sourceforge.io/
  9. open a bug report on bugs.funtoo.org
  10. no problem, glad we sorted it out.
  11. there is no stable anymore try ./ego profile build current and try to resume from there
  12. well actually he is using live master of ego can you from cloned ego folder do "ego profile "
  13. https://forums.funtoo.org/notifications/options/
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