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  1. Masked by corruption

    savasten, so the easiest solution to your trouble would be to go back to 1.2 and downgrade to perl-5.24. can you do that? do you need help with the process?
  2. LXC fun

    note: there is also lxd-p2c tool: lxd-p2c -h Description: Physical to container migration tool This tool lets you turn any Linux filesystem (including your current one) into a LXD container on a remote LXD host. It will setup a clean mount tree made of the root filesystem and any additional mount you list, then transfer this through LXD's migration API to create a new container from it. The same set of options as `lxc launch` are also supported. Usage: lxd-p2c <target URL> <container name> <filesystem root> [<filesystem mounts>...] [flags] Flags: -c, --config Configuration key and value to set on the container -h, --help Print help -n, --network Network to use for the container --no-profiles Create the container with no profiles applied -p, --profile Profile to apply to the container --rsync-args Extra arguments to pass to rsync -s, --storage Storage pool to use for the container -t, --type Instance type to use for the container --version Print version number
  3. LXC fun

    Take a look at https://build.funtoo.org/funtoo-current/x86-64bit/generic_64/lxd-latest.tar.xz for example. You will find metadata.yaml and rootfs - this is what you need for devuan. Modify the yaml and pack rootfs of devuan as a archive. Then import as per https://www.funtoo.org/LXD#Import_the_image
  4. Masked by corruption

    1.3 is not ready for any testing if you are not a developer. so stick with 1.2
  5. [Solved]Opera won't open

    It would be wise not to run opera as root user.
  6. LXC fun

    Try starting here: https://www.funtoo.org/LXD
  7. IMPORTANT: LXD and pam update

    Why not add -r3 masked, so the ones that need the change can unmask it and others that don't care won't be affected (esp. in containers)?
  8. [SOLVED]proc does not exist

    you have to have a directory named proc in the place where you are running this command. This command is trying to mount the proc filesystem into proc directory relative to where you are executing this command.
  9. ego 2.6 testing?

    since the commands from boot-update moved to ego you need to remove boot-update first.
  10. seems a bit like this https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/54447
  11. 1.3 release - ok. python_targets - strange I will look into it later
  12. and please note 1.3 release is not ready yet - the dev cycle has just started on this branch so DO NOT use it in PRODUCTION.
  13. well, basically you should follow the steps that are described on the wiki. ego sync with your old ego.conf settings upgrade ego change to release = 1.2 in ego.conf ego sync and follow the steps further like emerge gcc, upgrade glibc and co and emerge -e @world then you don't need any tweaking of make.conf